OpenAI’s ChatGPT Android version to Launch Next Week

The standalone ChatGPT application, initially released for iOS in May, is now set to be available on Android devices next week. The news was confirmed by OpenAI, the company that developed ChatGPT.

Pre-Register on Google Play Store

OpenAI’s announcement of the forthcoming Android app was accompanied by a provision: users can pre-register on the Google Play Store in preparation for its release. Upon pre-registering, customers will have the advantage of having the ChatGPT app automatically installed on their Android devices as soon as it becomes accessible in the app store.

The availability timeline for pre-registered users in different regions may vary. The U.S market is projected to get access to the live version of the app at the same time as earlier iOS users.

Features Galore

As evident from its description listed on the Google Play Store, like its iOS version, the Android counterpart of ChatGPT would retain its primary features which include Instant answers, Tailored advice, Creative Inspiration, Professional input, and Learning opportunities.

In addition to these features, ChatGPT promises automatic syncing of user history across various devices along with access to the latest model improvements carried out by OpenAI.

Impact on Installation Numbers

The shift onto Android is expected to boost installation numbers substantially. According to a TechCrunch report, half a million iPhone users downloaded ChatGPT within a week of its launch. Therefore, considering the extensive user base of Google’s Android operating system worldwide, significantly higher installations are anticipated post-launch.

Until now, Android users could only access ChatGPT through web browsers or Microsoft’s Bing App based on GPT-4 technology. But with a dedicated standalone app set to rollout soon, user experience is expected to benefit significantly.

Collaboration with Tech Giants for Effective AI Governance

In another important announcement related to AI technologies development and governance practices, OpenAI mentioned an ongoing collaboration with the White House and major tech companies such as Google and Amazon. It aims at facilitating effective AI governance both in U.S. and globally.

These experts are committed to responsible practices and evolving useful capabilities in AI development. Further meeting details about their round table with Biden-Harris Administration at White House earlier this July would guide technological advancements made in this regard.

Both these developments suggest a promising future for AI technologies spanning various platforms including mobile devices. Users across platforms can gear up for some pathbreaking enhancements in their day-to-day AI interaction experiences.

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