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Some Nintendo Switch users who love to play the famous Animal Crossing New Horizon game have reported an error 2002-3580 while playing. If you are one of those who is currently facing this error, do the solutions in this guide.

What Causes Animal Crossing Error 2002-3580

Animal Crossing has been one of the most played games in Nintendo Switch and it’s normal if there are problems encountered along the way. However, it’s still frustrating if you are in a situation where an error is not easy to fix like the error code 2002-3580. Below are some of the factors that can cause the game to crash in Animal Crossing Vertical Horizon.

Random game bug.

Bugs and glitches are one of the usual causes why a video game crashes. No matter how hard developers try to create a flawless game, this seems to be inevitable. That‘s why they provide updates and patches from time to time to fix bugs that they have missed before.

Corrupted game files.

Files get corrupted when the game is not saved completely, or when there are viruses or malwares in your game which causes alterations on the data. Ensure to fix your game file to prevent any malfunction in the game.

Outdated software.

If the game app or the console software is outdated, issues such as Animal Crossing error 2002-3580 may arise. So you need to check if the softwares of the console and the Animal Crossing New Horizon are both updated to fix this problem and prevent any possible issues in the future.

How to Fix Nintendo Switch Error 2002-3580 in Animal Crossing

Here are some of the troubleshooting steps that you can follow to fix error 2002-3580 in Animal Crossing.

  1. Install Updates.

    It is necessary to install every update provided by developers to fix any bugs or glitches that were identified. Make sure to check if the game and your console;s software is up to date. 
    By default, Animal Crossing should update itself automatically so all you have to do is to confirm the installation prompt.
    You can also manually check for Nintendo Switch updates.
    To check if the software is updated:
    -Go to the Home Screen of your console.
    -Select System Settings. 
    -Scroll down and select System.
    -Select System Update. An update will begin automatically if there is any or the message that shows the system is up to date will reflect on the screen.system update 1

  2. Reboot Nintendo Switch.

    Restarting the Nintendo Switch can sometimes fix common problems. To do this, just press and hold (for at least 5 seconds) the Power button found on the top left of the Nintendo Switch. Select the Power Options and choose Restart next.Power button 5

  3. Reinsert the game card.

    If the error 2002-3580 still persists in Animal Crossing even after doing the steps above, you can also try to reinsert the game card if you have the physical game. Turn off the console first before taking out and inserting the game card.inserting game card

  4. Initialize the console without deleting save data.

    It may require you to initialize the console without deleting save data if the error is still unresolved. Here's how it's done:
    -Press and hold the Power Button for at least 5 seconds to open the Power Menu.
    -Select Power Options.
    -Select Power Off.
    -Press and hold down the volume up and volume down buttons located at the top left of the console. While both buttons are being held, press the Power Button to turn the console on. Keep holding the buttons until the Maintenance Mode appears.
    -Select Restore Factory Settings Without Deleting Save Data.
    -Read the information and select Next to start the process.Initialize

These are the possible solutions for the error 2002-3580 in Animal Crossing and we hope that either of these will be able to fix the problem in your console. However, if none of these were able to resolve the issue, you may contact Nintendo support directly for any other possible fix that we are not aware of at this time.

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