Mysterious Flying Object Caught Using Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 100x Zoom

An apparent unidentified flying object (UFO) was recently captured on video by a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra user. The user was able to get incredible close-up footage of the UFO thanks to the phone’s astounding 100x zoom capabilities.

UFO Galaxy S23 Ultra 1

The short video shows a small circular object flying high in the blue sky. When zoomed in at 100x magnification, the UFO is clearly visible – a silver craft with distinct spokes around it. It seems to hover motionless as it reflects the sunlight.

Viewers of the video shared their theories on what the object could be:

“That is the new coronavirus,” joked another.

One viewer remarked, “Looks like a Biblically accurate Angel.”

“NASA: it’s our new cutting edge weather balloon 😇,” one commenter quipped.

“That is a pokemon,” observed another user.

The stunning video exemplifies the photographic excellence of Samsung’s newest flagship phone. With its advanced 200MP main camera and dual 10MP tele lenses, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is a content creator’s dream device. The 100x Space Zoom gives users the ability to zoom in on faraway objects with incredible clarity and detail, as demonstrated by this apparent UFO sighting.

For tech enthusiasts, UFO hunters, or anyone who wants to capture the world in stunning detail, the Galaxy S23 Ultra and its pro-level camera system is sure to impress. This supposed close encounter is one example of what’s possible with the S23 Ultra’s photographic firepower.


  1. Great video of definitely curious object. I’d love to know what it is and doubt it’s man-made.

  2. Great video of a curious object. I’d love to know what it is and doubt it’s man-made.

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