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Galaxy S24 Accidentally Listed on Walmart and Deleted, January 17th Launch

Samsung fans are buzzing with excitement as new details about the upcoming Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra models have been accidentally leaked by Walmart. The retailer briefly published full product pages for the AT&T version of the S24 Ultra before quickly taking them down, but not before eagle-eyed Samsung enthusiasts captured all the key details.

Galaxy S24 ultra Leak 1 jpeg
Galaxy S24 Ultra Leaked Image

Here’s the archived sales pages for the Galaxy S24 Plus and the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Walmart s24 Ultra Leak
image 14
image 15
  • Live Translate – Speak foreign languages on the spot, right from inside the Samsung Phone app, with Live Translate.
  • Nightography Zoom – Brighten up your night with Nightography on Galaxy S24 Ultra. Want a closer look? Zoom in from a distance, even in low light.
  • Generative Edit – Move or remove objects. Fill in empty space with Generative Edit. Requires Samsung account log in and internet connection.
  • High Resolution – Share every detail of life’s most share worthy moments in natural, true to life color with an industry leading 200MP camera.
  • Screen Display – Take your streaming and gaming to the edge with Galaxy S24 Ultra. Whether you’re watching, winning or even writing, the brighter, flatter screen gives you more room to do what you love.
image 16

The leak confirms that the S24 Ultra will sport a giant 6.8-inch QHD+ display, a huge upgrade over its predecessor. Powering the phone will be the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset with up to 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. The camera system is also getting an overhaul with a massive 200MP main sensor, making it the highest resolution camera ever put in a smartphone. Samsung is touting advanced low-light photography capabilities with a feature called Nightography Zoom.

Perhaps most intriguing are the new AI features mentioned. Live Translate will enable real-time translation using the phone’s camera, while Generative Edit can magically remove objects from photos or fill in blank areas. These capabilities require an internet connection and Samsung account login, suggesting they leverage cloud computing power.

Galaxy S24 Plus Leak
Galaxy S24 Plus Leaked Image

The S24 Ultra isn’t the only model getting improvements. The S24 Plus also got a brief accidental reveal, showing a 6.7-inch QHD+ screen, 12GB RAM, a 50MP main camera, and the same AI features. Both phones will come in a brand new Onyx Black colorway.

With powerful new silicon, ultra-high-res cameras, and bleeding-edge AI capabilities, it’s clear Samsung is pulling out all the stops. Pricing remains a mystery for now, but with such heavyweight specs, the S24 series will surely command a premium price tag. Rumors suggest the phones will be announced on January 17th.

For Samsung loyalists, the leaked details will only heighten the anticipation leading up to the official launch. The S24 Ultra in particular looks set to be Samsung’s most advanced flagship phone ever. But with stiff competition in the premium phone market from Apple, Google, and others, the pressure is on for Samsung to deliver a truly memorable experience worthy of its ‘Ultra’ name.

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