10 Underrated Tactics for Finding Startup Ideas

Coming up with a great startup idea is challenging. However, there are useful yet underrated tactics you can leverage to uncover needs, desires, and problems waiting to be solved.

Tap into online data and conversations to gain insight for your next venture. Here are 10 tactics to spark inspiration:

ProductHow It Helps
SubredditStatsIdentify rising topics, questions, and pain points in communities
GoogleTrendsSee rising search terms and demand
EtsyHuntLearn what’s trending and find specific demand
VidIQDiscover questions and issues people have
ProductHuntView innovative products and get feedback
TikTokCenterDecode what makes viral ads work
PiPiAdsResearch winning strategies to apply
TrendHunterDiscover new products, markets and trends
IndieHackersFind inspiration and share experiences
MineaOptimize site by learning from competitors



SubredditStats analyzes the growth of subreddits and rising topics. Monitor popular and fast growing communities to identify questions, pain points, and conversations. This provides invaluable insight into problems you can solve and ideas that could gain traction.

Google Trends

google trends

Google Trends reveals surging search terms and demand over time. Use it to spot customer needs, product opportunities, and potential new markets. Align your startup concept with rising searches and interest.



EtsyHunt contains data on 48+ million products. Analyze top sellers and fast growing items to learn what is resonating. Brainstorm related or improved products that serve a hyper-specific demand.



VidIQ is a powerful tool for researching trending keywords and topics on YouTube. It provides invaluable data on rising searches and high-volume questions that people want answered in videos.

Leverage VidIQ’s keyword research features to identify overlooked opportunities around emerging searches. Analyze the top-ranking videos for those keywords to understand what content resonates.

Use these insights to create videos that tap into surging demand and address the specific questions people are asking. VidIQ helps you keep your finger on the pulse of rising trends, so you can rapidly ideate startups that solve real needs.

Product Hunt

Product Hunt showcases newly launched products voted on by the community. Use it to find inspiration and evaluate if your product concept resonates through feedback.

TikTok Center

Dissect what makes viral TikTok ads work with Creative Center. Reverse engineer success stories to refine your own content and growth strategies.


PiPi Ads contains a vast library of TikTok ads to analyze. Study patterns in high-performing ads to uncover winning formulas. Test and optimize until you find what sticks.


TrendHunter reveals consumer behavior patterns and emerging trends. Use these insights to ideate relevant products, services, and content.


The Indie Hackers community shares experiences starting businesses. Absorb wisdom and inspiration from others’ journeys while sharing your own.


Minea identifies competitors’ top keywords and backlinks. Apply these learnings to optimize your own site and boost growth.

These underused tactics provide invaluable data to fuel your next venture. By tapping into conversations and trends, you gain priceless insight into solving problems and meeting demand.

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