Secrets Of Flawless Victory: Mortal Kombat 1 Pro Tips To Dominate The Arena

Mortal Kombat 1 introduces major changes to the iconic fighting franchise, including a reboot storyline, overhauled mechanics, and the new Kameo assist system. Mastering the nuances in this bold new era of Mortal Kombat requires dedicated practice and knowledge of advanced techniques.

In this guide, we share Mortal Kombat 1 pro tips and tricks to help you gain a competitive edge and outplay opponents on your path to dominating the arena.

Learn New Crushing Blow Requirements

Crushing Blows make a comeback in MK1 with different activation requirements. For instance, Scorpion’s iconic spear move now triggers a Crushing Blow only if it counters a projectile.

Mortal Kombat 1 Pro Tips

Study all the new conditions to confirm enhanced damage consistently. Crushing Blows are limited to only two activations per match, so timing them for critical moments can turn the tide in your favor.

Utilize New Jump-In Attacks

The ability to attack while jumping in is brand new in MK1. Many characters have overhead jump-in attacks that are perfect for starting combos.

Utilize New Jump-In Attacks

Jump-ins add an extra layer to your offense. Condition opponents to block high, then mix things up with low attacks. Alternatively, train them to block low, then surprise them with a jump-in launcher. Mastering jump-in-mind games is key.

Learn Kameo Synergies

Finding the right Kameo pairings that complement your main takes experimentation. Study how each Kameo’s unique moveset covering areas like projectiles, anti-airs, low attacks, etc., can shore up your character’s weaknesses.

Learn Kameo Synergies

For example, a rushdown character like Sheeva benefits greatly from Cyborg’s assistance with additional zoning tools.

Abandon Combo Breakers

The risk-reward ratio for Combo Breakers in MK1 is heavily skewed towards risk.

Abandon Combo Breakers

Sacrificing all your meter for a break that may get baited and punished isn’t worth it. That meter is better spent on enhancing special moves for increased utility. Instead, focus on defense fundamentals like blocking, side-stepping, and wakeup techniques.

Deny Easy Fatal Blow Confirms

Many players rely on easy Fatal Blow confirms like Scorpion’s Hell Port to close out rounds. But this is extremely predictable. Learn to identify common confirmations for each character and deny them. React with a backlash, interrupt with a poke, or stuff their startup with a projectile. Forcing opponents to burn their Fatal Blow footsie game is rewarded.

Zone Intelligently

Effective zoning requires more than just spamming projectiles. Understand your zoning tools and use them judiciously.

Zone Intelligently

Use slower recoveries like Sindel’s Banshee Barrage for chip damage and faster ones like Raiden’s Lighting Bolt to score hits. Zone to limit opponent options, not randomly. Smart zoning pressures the opponent mentally.

Anti-Air Aggressively 

With aerial combat being integral, dedicated anti-air moves are a must.

Anti-Air Aggressively

These will punish predictable jump-ins. Learn the perfect anti-air for your character and use it liberally, especially when the opponent hangs back preparing for a jump-in. Never let them freely jump at you. Anti-airing is about sending a message.

Abuse Fast Reversals

Wakeup attacks in MK1 are extremely fast, with almost zero startup. Many can even reversal punish block strings and normally considered safe setups. This leads to breakdowns in conventional frame data knowledge. Use quick reversals as much as possible on wakeup to create doubt and frustrations for the opponent.

Influence Your Enemy’s Ragequit

Making people rage quit takes skill. Destroy their stamina early with frustrating tactics. Constant jump-ins, repeat throws, corner pressure – all add up over time.

Influence Your Enemy's Ragequit

When their health gets low, humiliate them by intentionally dropping combos or failing easy punishes. Drag out their misery for maximum psychological impact.

Lack of Mortal Kombat 1 Pro Tips: An MK1 Newcomer’s Tough Lessons

A Reddit user was eager to try Mortal Kombat 1 after seeing the over-the-top fatalities in trailers. He loved gory martial arts films and was hyped to pull off savage finishers on his friends. On launch day, he invited his buddy home to settle their rivalry. 

He chose Scorpion because throwing spears looked so awesome. His friend picked Sub-Zero and kept spamming the slide attack over and over. He struggled to counter it and got destroyed in the first few matches. He angrily called Sub-Zero a “cheap scrub character” before demanding they switch fighters.

His friend agreed and picked Raiden, whom he hated even more after eating non-stop lightning bolts. He tried blocking but still took heavy chip damage. The skill gap was apparent as he repeatedly got hit by simple low-overhead mixups. After losing ten matches straight, he threw his controller and accused his friend of using “pro strategies” to stomp noobs.

His ego was bruised. It dawned on him that mastering Mortal Kombat requires nuanced mechanics and matchups knowledge he did not yet possess. His friend tried explaining concepts like spacing, footsies, and frame data, but he felt it was too complex. Maybe button-mashing arcade fighters weren’t for him after all.

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