How To Manage & Improve Google Pixel 7 Battery

No matter how powerful your smartphone is, it is only as good as how long its battery can last. That’s why it’s important that you learn how to effectively manage your phone’s battery so that you can make the device last longer than normal. 

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Managing the battery of your Pixel 7 is easy and that’s what we’re going to show you in this post. 

  1. To begin, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and tap Settings.

    This will open the Settings app that will allow you to change some features in your phone. 

  2. Find and tap Battery.

    This will open the settings page of your phone’s battery. 

  3. Tap Battery Usage.

    This will show you the apps and services that use your phone's battery.

  4. To know more about the services that use the battery, tap System usage for past 24 hours.

    It will show you a list of apps and services. 

  5. Tap on the app that uses more battery.

    It will bring you to its information page. 

  6. On the next screen, tap Force stop.

    This will quit the app immediately and stop using your phone’s battery. You can do the same thing to other apps that also use too much battery over a short period of time. 

  7. Aside from stopping the apps, you can also enable the power-saving feature of your phone.

    So go back to the main battery screen. 

  8. Tap Battery Saver.

    It will bring you to the battery saver settings screen.

  9. To enable the feature, tap the switch next to use Battery Saver.

    This will enable the power-saving feature of your phone according to its default settings. If enabled at night, you’ll notice that the interface turns dark. 

  10. To automate the feature, tap Set a schedule.

    You can then choose to enable it based on your routine or when it reaches a certain battery percentage.

  11. You may also enable the Turn off when charged feature.

    Make use of this if you’re simply enabling the Battery Saver because the device is low on battery. 

  12. If necessary, you may enable Extreme Battery Saver.

    It will give you a few more hours of use by pausing most apps and notifications, although you’ll be able to select apps you don’t want to miss important notifications from. 

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When it comes to managing the battery of your Google Pixel 7, it’s you who knows what you need and how long before you can charge your phone. So make sure of the Battery Saver wisely to your advantage. 

We hope that this guide can be helpful.

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