How To Set Up & Enable Mobile Hotspot On Google Pixel 7

By enabling the mobile hotspot on your Pixel 7, you will be able to share your Internet connection with other devices. Such a feature can be useful when you only have mobile data as your primary connection but have other devices that need to connect to the Internet. 

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You need to set up the Mobile Hotspot service before you can use it properly. But don’t worry, setting it up is easy and you can surely follow the steps. Here’s how it’s done: 

  1. Pull down the Quick Settings panel and then tap on the gear icon.

    enable set up mobile hotspot pixel 7 1
    This will open the Settings app that will allow you to change or edit some features in your phone. 

  2. Tap on Network & internet.

    enable set up mobile hotspot pixel 7 2
    It’s the first option from the top so you can find it easily.

  3. Find and tap Hotspot & tethering.

    enable set up mobile hotspot pixel 7 3
    This will allow you to set up Wi-Fi hotspot, which can provide internet to other devices through your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. 

  4. Tap Wi-Fi hotspot.

    enable set up mobile hotspot pixel 7 4
    You will then be brought to the next screen where you can configure the feature. 

  5. Tap Hotspot name and enter the network name you want to use.

    enable set up mobile hotspot pixel 7 5
    Make it as descriptive as possible so you can easily distinguish it from other networks. 

  6. Tap Security and make sure that WPA2-Personal is selected.

    enable set up mobile hotspot pixel 7 6
    None means that anybody could connect to your hotspot and share your phone’s Internet connection. 

  7. Tap Hotspot password.

    enable set up mobile hotspot pixel 7 7
    Then enter the password that you can easily remember but hard enough for others to guess. 

  8. Tap the switch next to Turn off hotspot automatically to enable it.

    enable set up mobile hotspot pixel 7 8
    What it does is disable the Wi-Fi hotspot after some time that no device is connected to it. 

  9. As for Extend compatibility, it’s basically a switch to choose between 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.

    enable set up mobile hotspot pixel 7 9
    Apparently, if the switch is disabled, your phone broadcasts 5Ghz signal and when enabled, it’s 2.4Ghz. It’s up to you which one you want to use but if your other devices aren’t as new, we suggest you enable it. 

  10. Tap the switch next to Use Wi-Fi hotspot to enable it.

    enable set up mobile hotspot pixel 7 10
    Once you’ve done that, your Pixel 7 will immediately start broadcasting the signal for your other devices to connect to. 

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And that’s how you set up and enable the Mobile Hotspot feature on your Pixel 7. 

We hope that this guide can help you.

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