Full List Of Real And Fake Statues In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Fake statues are easily recognizable from the real ones in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Unlike in paintings, forged versions of sculptures can be spotted almost readily, especially if you are an art lover. For those of us who may need reminding how the real ones look like, this guide should help. 

Below are the list of all possible statues in Animal Crossing New Horizon that you may encounter so hopefully you can use this tutorial to easily spot a fake statue from a real one.

List of statues that are always real in Animal Crossing New Horizons

There are only two statues in Animal Crossing New Horizons that are known to have no forged copies. They are the Great Statue and the Familiar Statue. If you see any of these sculptures, you can go ahead and buy it without worrying whether it’s a fake or real.

List of statues with known fake copies in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Aside from the two items mentioned above, all the statues that you can come across may be fake. You must be cautious in picking a sculpture to avoid getting a fake version. 

The pictures shown below are the real versions of statues. Use them to check whether or not the statues you have is a fake or not. We’ll mention the key differences of a counterfeit statue from the genuine one to help you.

Ancient Statue: Shakoki Dogu

This one is easy to spot. The real statue does not have a pair of antenna while the counterfeit one has two.

ancient statue 1

Beautiful Statue: Venus De Milo by Alexandros of Antioch

The real Venus De Milo is not wearing a necklace while the fake one is.

Beautiful Statue—Venus De Milo by Alexandros of Antioch

Gallant Statue: David by Michelangelo

The fake statue is carrying a book under its arm but the real one does not.

Gallant Statue

Informative Statue: The Rosetta Stone

Another easy-to-spot fake. The real Rosetta Stone should be colored black and has incryptions of ancient languages. The fake one is colored blue.

Informative Statue

Motherly Statue: Capitoline Wolf

Is the wolf’s tongue hanging out? That’s definitely a fake! The real statue has an open mouth but the tongue is not hanging out.

Motherly Statue

Mystic Statue: Bust of Nefertiti by Thutmose

Check for earrings. The real Bust of Nefertiti has incomplete ears and does not have earrings. If yours has an earring, it’s a fake.

Mystic Statue

Robust Statue: Discobolus

Ancient Greeks didn’t wear a watch last time i checked. If your statue has a wristwatch, that’s a forgery

Robust Statue

Rock Head Statue: Olmec Head

The real Olmec Head has a serious face. If you see one with a smile, don’t buy it.

Rock Head Statue

Tremendous Statue: Houmuwu Ding

This is a bronzeware from the ancient world and it doesn’t come with a lid. If you have a Tremendous Statue with a lid, it’s a counterfeit.

Tremendous Statue

Valiant Statue: Nike of Samothrace

Nike is a Greek God of Victory and the original statue has its right leg forward. If you’re seeing one with the left leg forward, it’s a fake.

Valiant Statue

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