How To Keep Galaxy Z Flip 4 Screen On

Do you find the screen on time of your Galaxy Z Flip 4 to be too short? You can adjust the screen timeout by as much as ten minutes if you want to, or even make the screen stays awake when charging.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is a premium Android device that uses a foldable display. This flip phone is ideal for people who want a full-sized smartphone that can also easily fir in their pocket. Some of its best features include a Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chip and a battery capacity of 3700 mAh.

Adjusting Screen Timeout of Galaxy Z Flip 4

Adjust screen timeout

The Screen Timeout is a feature of your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 that will turn the screen off to save battery life. Initially set at 30 seconds, you can change this value to make the screen on for a longer time by as much as 10 minutes. This is ideal when you are reading a book on your phone or doing some research on your phone browser.

Here’s what you need to do to adjust your Galaxy Z Flip 4 home screen timeout.

Set the screen timeout on your Galaxy Z Flip 4

Most of the latest premium phones from Samsung do not have the option to never turn off the display. You can only set it to turn on by as much as 10 minutes of inactivity before the display turns off.

  • Tap the Settings icon on your phone.
  • Tap Display.
  • Tap Screen Timeout.
  • Select 10 minutes.

Your Galaxy Z Flip display will now turn off after 10 minutes of being idle. Take note that if you touch the two displays or the cover screen within the 10-minute period the timer will reset.

Make inner foldable screen stay awake when charging

You can make the main screen of your foldable phone stay awake while it is charging. In order to do this, you must first make sure that the developer options feature is enabled in your device.

Enable developer options

  • Tap Settings app icon.
  • Tap “About device” or “About phone”
  • Tap “Software information”
  • Tap “Build number” seven times
  • Enter your pattern, PIN or password to enable the Developer options menu.
  • Enter your pattern, PIN or password to enable the Developer options menu.

Enable stay awake when charging

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap Developer Options.
  • Tap the switch next to Stay awake.

Make the main screen of the Flip series phone stay on when viewing

You can make the main screen of your phone stay on when viewing it. This is a good feature to use when reading a book on your device.

  • Tap the Settings app icon.
  • Tap Advanced features.
  • Find and tap Motions and Gestures.
  • Tap the switch next to keep screen on while viewing.

Troubleshooting Z Flip 4 cover display, main screen not staying on issue

If you are experiencing screen related issues on your foldable phone, then here are the troubleshooting steps to consider.

Soft reset

The first thing you should do when experiencing display related issues on your phone is a soft reset. A soft reset or restart will basically close all running apps and processes. Your Samsung device RAM will also be cleared of temporary data allowing it to run smoothly.

Soft reset Galaxy Z Flip 4

  • Turn off the Galaxy z Flip 4 by pressing and holding the Bixby button and the volume down button on the side of the device.
  • Choose Power off.
  • Choose Power off again. The phone will turn off.
  • Wait for a few seconds.
  • Press and hold the Bixby button on the side of the device to turn on the Samsung phone.

Perform a software update

It’s always best to get any new software updates as this will usually fix any software bugs present in the older software version that might be causing the problem.

Manually getting software update

  • Open Settings and scroll all the way down.
  • Find and tap Software update.
  • Tap Download and install to check for a new update.

Start the phone in Safe Mode

Starting Samsung phones in Safe Mode is a good way to check a third-party app you downloaded is causing the problem. When your phone runs in this mode only the pre-installed apps will be allowed to run making troubleshooting app related issues easy to do.

Safe Mode

  • Turn the device off.
  • Press and hold the Side key past the model’s name screen appearing on the screen.
  • When SAMSUNG appears on the screen, release the Side key.
  • Immediately after releasing the Side key, press and hold the Volume down key.
  • Continue to hold the Volume down key until the device finishes restarting.
  • When Safe mode appears in the bottom left corner of the screen, release the Volume down key.

If you are not experiencing the issue in this mode, then it is most likely caused by an app you downloaded. Find out what app this is and uninstall it. The likely suspect is the most recently installed app before the issue slow occurred.

After uninstalling the app, you can exit from safe mode.

Exit Safe Mode

  • Press and hold the Side key.
  • Tap Restart > Restart.
  • The device will restart in standard mode, and you can resume normal use.

Perform a factory reset

If the above troubleshooting steps fails to fix the problem, then you should consider doing a factory data reset.

Before proceeding with this step, you need to back up your phone files. Any photos, files, contact lists, or notes just to name a few that you have saved in your phone will be deleted so make sure to make a backup copy of these.

Factory data reset

  • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy device.
  • Simultaneously press and hold the Volume up and side buttons until the device vibrates and the Android Recovery screen appears then release all buttons. Allow up to 30 seconds for the recovery screen to appear.
  • From the Android Recovery screen, select Wipe data/factory reset. You can use the volume buttons to cycle through the available options and the side key to select.
  • Select Factory data reset. Allow several seconds for the factory data reset to complete.
  • Select Reboot system now. Allow several minutes for the reboot process to complete.
  • Set up your Android phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why does my phone screen not turn on after sleeping?

    This could be due to a minor software glitch. You should try doing a soft reset or try charging your phone as its battery might be drained.

  2. How do I enable power saving mode on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4?

    Open Settings.Tap on Battery and device care.Tap on Battery.Tap on Power saving mode and toggle it On.You can also enable this mode from the Quick Settings panel.

  3. How to adjust the Z Flip 4 screen timeout?

    Open Settings.Tap on Display.Scroll down and tap on Screen timeout.Select and set the screen timeout.

  4. Why does my Galaxy Z Flip 4 keep getting stuck on the black screen?

    This problem can be caused by software issues, a drained battery, or a faulty hardware component.

  5. Why have my apps stopped working on my Samsung?

    One of the reasons behind this is due to a minor glitch. Try to force close the app then open it again. This action removes any corrupted temporary data that could be causing the problem.

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