Jabra Elite Active 75t vs AirPods Pro Best Truly Wireless Earbuds in 2023

There’s no doubt right now that the AirPods Pro is one of the most sought after earbuds in the market today. However, there’s also a fair bit of competition in the market that you may or may not know about. One such competitor is the Jabra Elite Active 75t, which has a completely wireless design exactly like the AirPods Pro and comes with features to rival some of the best earbuds in the industry.

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So is the Jabra Elite Active 75t really better than the AirPods Pro? Well, we’re going to find out by taking a close look at the hardware as well as features of both earbuds to help you pick the best option. So let’s take a look at our Jabra Elite Active 75t vs AirPods Pro comparison.

Jabra Elite Active 75t vs AirPods Pro Best Truly Wireless Earbuds

Jabra Elite Active 75t vs airpods pro

Jabra Elite Active 75t


Jabra has been a pioneer among audio products for a long time and with good reason. Its products come with the promise of the best quality materials, while the company hasn’t been shy to adopt new features keeping the changing times in mind.

Foremost among the features of the Elite Active 75t is the fact that it comes with a 4th-generation true wireless technology that ensures optimum comfort as well as practically no dropouts. Jabra also offers the ability to customize your earbuds the way you want with the Jabra Sound+ app available for free on both Android and iOS platforms.

The company is also heavily banking on the design as well as the fit these earbuds offer. The Elite Active 75t has been built to be worn for long intervals and can remain comfortably on your ear without the fear of falling off at any moment. This is one of the regular complaints that users have with truly wireless earbuds and it’s good to know that these particular earbuds don’t have that issue.

One more area where these earbuds decimate the competition is with regards to battery life. Jabra offers a smart battery case that can quickly charge your earbuds. It can offer 1 hour of playtime with just a 15-minute charge. Where these earbuds really shine, however, is with regards to standalone battery life. On their own, these earbuds can last for up to 7.5 hours without needing an additional charge. Moreover, the battery charging case can offer a combined music playtime of 28 hours.

Jabra offers the Elite Active 75t with three ear-tips including large, medium, and small to ensure the best fit possible. As for the charging case, customers can charge it up using the supplied reversible USB C cable. The case is fairly compact as well which means you can carry it along pretty much anywhere you go.

Jabra is using a combination of four microphones on this unit for additional clarity during voice calls. This also helps block out background noise.

Pros and Cons

The Jabra Sound+ app is an excellent tool to help you through the earbuds setup process or even adjust its functioning. Another area where the Jabra Elite Active 75t comes out on top is with regards to its color options. These earbuds can be purchased in colors like Navy, Copper Black, Gold Beige, and Titanium Black.

The Elite Active 75t is an excellent set of earbuds for any use. It delivers high-quality sound as well as noise isolation. Unfortunately, it lacks active noise cancellation, which is one of its biggest disadvantages when compared to the iPhone. However, one could say that these earbuds more than compensate for this with its long battery life. However, the charging case on the Jabra earbuds lacks Qi-based wireless charging support.

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Jabra Elite Active 75t vs airpods pro

AirPods Pro


The AirPods Pro was instantly popular with the masses after it was announced. It introduced radical changes on board as compared to older AirPods, which made it an instant hit with the audiences. But it wasn’t just a visual makeover as Apple also included some significant upgrades under the hood.

To start with, the design of the AirPods Pro is finally in-ear, meaning it can stay firmly on your ear without the risk of falling off. What this also means is that it aids in blocking out background noise on its own. Additionally, Apple is also introducing Active Noise Cancelation or ANC to the mix, making this a truly capable pair of wireless earbuds.

While ANC allows you to completely soak yourself in the music, Apple also offers something known as “Transparency Mode” which instantly lets you listen to your surroundings. Apple also mentions that the AirPods Pro is water and sweat-resistant, making it ideal for workouts or outdoor jogging.

Apple is also offering features like Adaptive EQ which automatically adjusts to the shape of your ear, making this one of the most unique features you will find on any earbuds today. The AirPods Pro can also automatically pause music when you take one earbud off your ear, which is an excellent way to be quickly aware of your surroundings.

The AirPods Pro has dual beamforming microphones which can help boost your voice clarity significantly on phone calls. These microphones also help assist with Transparency Mode. Since these are designed for Apple products, customers also get access to always-on “Hey Siri” commands to dictate a note or leave a message to one of your contacts. The inclusion of these features, as well as the wide range of sensors like the motion and speech detecting accelerometers, is greatly complemented by the addition of Apple’s new custom H1 chip.

Apple offers three soft-touch silicone ear tips with the AirPods Pro that are designed to stay in place even during a rigorous activity like a gym workout. These ear tips are offered in sizes Large, Medium, and Small for optimum comfort.

While the battery life is pretty decent, the AirPods Pro can provide 2 hours of runtime with only a 15-minute charge using the wireless charging case provided with the earbuds. As for the charging case, it can be charged wirelessly with a Qi charger or by using a Lightning cable.

Pros and Cons

I personally love the way the AirPods Pro just works with iPhones and other compatible devices. Apple has carefully built each feature, including Transparency Mode which has a dedicated button on the iOS Control Center to offer a software solution. On the hardware front, gently squeezing the stem of the earbuds can activate Transparency Mode as well.

It’s also worth mentioning that the charging case offered with the AirPods Pro is quite compact and is easier to carry around compared to rival offerings.

In terms of water and sweat resistance, it is important to mention that the AirPods Pro cannot survive a full submersion given the wide number of sensors used inside. Another negative to getting the AirPods Pro is lack of compatibility. While Apple has supported all AirPods model on compatible Bluetooth devices including Android phones, some of the new features of the Pro model like Transparency Mode is inaccessible since it’s an iOS-only feature.

Battery performance is yet another area where the AirPods Pro lags behind, particularly in comparison to the Jabra Elite Active 75T. While the AirPods Pro can only offer 4.5 hours of playtime on a single charge, the Elite Active 75T offers up to 7.5 hours on a single charge. Moreover, the charging case with the Jabra earbuds can offer a total runtime of 28 hours while the AirPods Pro charging case maxes out at 24 hours. Surprisingly, the battery life of older AirPods models is marginally better than this new variant.

One more area where the AirPods Pro significantly falls behind is with regards to color options. As was the case with the AirPods that came before it, the AirPods Pro is only available in White. On the other hand, Jabra offers its Elite Active 75t earbuds in multiple colors. While almost every true wireless earbuds brand has an app of its own, Apple surprisingly doesn’t which leaves Android users in the dark.

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This is not an easy choice for many users given the fact that both earbuds offer something for everybody. However, if we were to pick one variant of the two here, it would definitely be the Jabra Elite Active 75t simply for the longer battery life, additional color options, as well as extensive customization options using the company’s free app. These earbuds would work the same way regardless of the smartphone platform you choose.

If you’re an iPhone user, it makes sense to stick to the AirPods Pro simply for the kind of features it brings to the table. While these features are inaccessible to Android users, iPhone users can leverage the AirPods Pro’s hardware to its full potential thanks to exclusive access to features like Transparency Mode. The fact that the AirPods Pro offers Active Noise Cancellation will also prove to be a major factor in your decision making.

Regardless of your decision, it’s clear that this Jabra Elite Active 75t vs AirPods Pro comparison is closer than many imagine.

41IBWNOi5PL. SL500JabraJabra Elite 75t EarbudsCheck Price on Amazon

* If you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. For more details, please visit our Privacy policy page.

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