iTunes enters its retirement at WWDC 2019

Apple — sort of — announced the retirement of iTunes at WWDC 2019. They said that it wasn’t really going away, but that iTunes features has been split up into three lightweight applications that we’re already familiar with — Music, Podcasts, and then the Apple TV.

iTunes was always a massive frustration to use, largely due to constant errors, slow load times, and more. But now, it’s going away, and this division of labor can be a good thing. It makes things run smoother, and gives consumers a more joyful experience.

And since iTunes will be going away — Apple has designed an all new Music app just for the Mac. On top of that, Finder will now be how you sync your iPhone and iPad to your Mac.

Music will obviously be how Mac and iOS users discover and access their music. Podcasts will be the only location for iPhone users to find their favorite podcasts. And as you might imagine, the Apple TV will be responsible for movies and TV shows.

It might seem like a weird change at first, but over the years, Apple has already made iTunes a pretty redundant application, and it likely won’t be missed.

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