Huawei’s building a 5G network for Russia’s MTS

Russia’s MTS, the country’s largest carrier, will be getting its very own 5G network constructed by China’s Huawei, a new BBC report says.

Huawei’s Guo Ping — Deputy Chariman of the company — announced today that the smartphone manufacturer would be constructing MTS’s 5G network over the next year.

While neither China or Russia are officially mentioning the deal, President Putin did say that the cooperation between China and Russia has “reached a very high — and without any exaggeration — an unprecedentedly high level.”

This news doesn’t come long after Huawei was placed on the US Entity List, which could indicate some relief for the company during a tense time. And while there’s been no official word, this could indicate a partnership between Russia and China with the goal of trying to offset US pressure.

While it’s good news for technology, it doesn’t necessarily bode well for international politics and the already tense relationships with either of these two major players.

source: BBC

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