HTC U11 Incorrect Battery Reading Issue & Other Related Problems

The #HTC #U11 is the latest flagship phone from the Taiwanese electronics company that sports a great design of Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back. The phone uses a 5.5 inch Super LCD5 display and is certified IP67 making it water resistant. Under the hood the phone uses a Snapdragon 835 processor combined with 4GB of RAM making it perform quite well even when running demanding apps. Although this is a solid performing device there are instances when certain issues can occur which we will be addressing today. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the HTC U11 incorrect battery reading issue & other related problems.

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HTC U11 Incorrect Battery Reading

Problem: Hi there. My htc u11 is giving false battery level readings. The phone was saying it had 81% battery remaining and now, almost 24 hours later, it is still saying 81% despite heavy usage and roughly 8 hours on charge. I have no actual way of knowing how much battery power I have remaining. Is this something you can talk me through correcting? Or does it need to be sent back? Thanks

Solution: The best way to troubleshoot this issue is to check if it is caused by a software glitch. To do this you will need to backup your phone data then do a factory reset.

To reset the phone follow the steps listed below.

  • Power off the phone
  • Press and hold the following combination of keys: Volume Down + Power for a several seconds.
  • Let go of held keys as soon as the Download Mode pops up.
  • Use the Volume keys to select option “Bootloader”,and press Power button to confirm it.
  • Press the Volume Down to scroll down to “Reboot to Recovery Mode” and use the Power button to choose it.
  • As soon as the phone with the exclamation mark appears on the screen hold down the Power key.
  • While holding down the Power button press the Volume Up key once.
  • Recovery Mode should appear on the screen.
  • From the recovery menu choose “wipe data / factory reset” by using Volume buttons to navigate and Power button to confirm.
  • Choose “Yes — delete all user data” to confirm the whole operation.
  • Select option “reboot system now” in order to restart the smartphone.

Once the reset has finished do not install any apps in your phone yet. Try checking first if the issue still occurs.

If the above steps fails to fix the problem then this could already be a hardware issue already in which case you will need to bring the phone to a service center and have it checked.

HTC U11 Will Not Charge When On

Problem: My 4 month old U11 phone will not charge while turned on. I have tried a number of other good quality chargers and leads. The phone appears to be charging, it gives “charging rapidly” message & amber indicator glows. The percentage charge number usually moves up by 1 or 2% but no further. Soft and hard reboots have not worked. I can see no reason why this has happened. The phone is in a protection case and is well looked after. It’s not been dropped or suffered water damage. The USB connection is clean and isn’t damaged. Having checked around the internet it appears that this is a common fault with the U11 I’ve contacted HTC a number of times without a reply from them. Considering the cost and age of the phone I think this is pretty poor service by HTC.

Solution: Since you have already performed a factory reset and even tried using different charging cords and wall chargers then this is most likely caused by a faulty hardware component possibly the power IC. The best thing that you can do right now is to bring the phone to a service center and have it checked.

HTC U11 S Photo Editor Has Stopped

Problem: my phone is stuck with a message on the screen saying ‘ unfortunately, S Photo Editor has stopped.’ REPORT OK it is gently flashing. but i cant press anything as its frozen it wont let me report as keyboard doesn’t come up. i cant access an screen apart from power off. i’ve tried rebooting and the cache wipe but when phone switches back on the same message is on the screen and it’s still frozen.

Solution: For this particular issue I recommend that you start the phone in Safe Mode. When your phone operates in this mode the S Photo Editor will be disabled thus the error message will not pop up. From here I suggest that you uninstall the S Photo Editor app.

HTC U11 No Network Available

Problem: Hi, Recently bought the HTC U11 . The SIM settings are pretty messy here, need help. The SIM card is detected however there is no network attached are the screenshots of the gsm/umts option, can’t understand what’s going on. pls help. Don’t know if this is a sprint or Verizon version.More importantly the network settings option is not here in the settings section ,pls help out. Also check this part, the phone was bought in India however I get options of us network, kindly tell me what to do.

Solution: The best thing to do right now is to backup your phone data then do a factory reset. Once the reset is complete check if the issue still occurs. If it does then proceed with the additional troubleshooting steps listed below.

If the issue persists then you need to have this checked at a service center.

HTC U11 Not Responding

Problem: My daughter was taking pictures and then set my phone on the bed. I picked it up and the phone won’t respond. It had roughly 40% battery at the time. When plugged in the led does not come on nor does the phone respond. I’ve held the power button alone and in unison with either of the volume buttons and still nothing. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Solution: If your phone is not responding then the best thing you can do right now is to press the power and volume down buttons for at least 10 seconds or until the phone restarts.

In case the issue persists then proceed with the troubleshooting steps listed below.

  • Clean the charging port of the phone using a can of compressed air.
  • Charge the phone for at least 20 minutes using a different charging cord and wall charger.
  • Turn on the phone.

If the above steps fails to fix the problem then you will need to bring this to a service center and have it checked.

HTC U11 Bootloop Restarts Randomly

Problem: Hello… I have never filed an issue cause mostly I find solutions to my problems online but this… this issue has been the strangest of them all and I have literally tried every solution on the internet but to no avail. I have HTC U11, I bought it used on 2nd Dec 2017 to be exact and after that it would often shut down simultaneously but I paid no mind to it… I thought the battery was overheated or something so I left the phone alone when it happened but I didn’t know it was only leading to a bigger problem. On the 23rd of Dec 2017 I was randomly scrolling through twitter when my phone shut down again.. I thought it was the usual problem and tried to turn it on again it will stay stuck in the boot screen and not go further, I tried holding the volume button and power… what not… basically every solution provided then I did the recovery mode procedure which was scary cause suddenly downloading do not turn off target screen started flashing, I was scared for life but i plugged the battery out and started the phone again, surprisingly it switched on to the end without boot looping on the startup screen as usual and i was beyond happy but my happiness was short lived as my phone switched off again in no less than two minutes.. basically my phone charges and all… the battery symbol shows when i plug in the even turns on for like a mere second after it has charged fully to 100 but I can’t get it to turn on permanently.. When i turn it on, it boot loops to the startup screen not going further. I don’t know what to do. Please help me out, I really can’t afford a new phone rn. Thank you!

Solution: If you are able to do a factory reset in recovery mode then I suggest that you do so. Take note that this will erase your phone data. Once the reset is complete do not install any apps in your phone yet. Try checking first if the issue still occurs. If it does then this is most likely a hardware related problem already in which case you will need to bring the phone to a service center and have it checked.

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