HP is the latest maker to start offering high-end stylish laptops

Most would say that Apple and Microsoft are the top companies offering their own premium hardware with a stylish twist. But now, it looks like HP wants in on some of the action with its Envy laptops.

HP will actually be adding real wood to its Envy laptops. That said, as far as materials go, the new Envy laptop might have one of the most unique designs on the market.

The laptop isn’t all wood, essentially giving you a small piece incorporated around the touchpad area, just below the keyboard.

HP will be actually be offering choices of either walnut or pale birch, both styles obviously offering some pretty unique designs and patterns. It will still have the natural wood texture, too.

And worry not — HP is pulling wood from a sustainable forest in order to make these laptops environmentally friendly. The one concern is that wood is a bad conductor of heat, though we imagine HP’s engineers already realize this and have possibly accommodated for a problem like that.

Surprisingly, despite the announcement, we have yet to hear any details on what the new hardware inside looks like, or what price point we’re looking at.

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