Apple’s new iPod Touch is finally here

After five years, Apple has finally refreshed its iPod Touch, this time using internals from the iPhone 7.

Where does a new iPod Touch fit in Apple’s range of products? Initial reactions say it doesn’t, but it actually fits perfectly in Apple’s lineup.

The new iPod Touch is rocking an A10 Fusion chip, and can be had in models all the way up to 256GB. Prices start out at $199, and reach all the way up to $399 for the largest storage model.

It fits quite well, and will probably be purchased by parents everywhere that are looking to get their kids a device that doesn’t have cellular connectivity. Or for those that just don’t want to drop $749 or more on an iPhone for their children.

While there are many phones today that would outperform it, especially on the Android side of things, the iPod Touch isn’t a bad bargain — it operates relatively fast, has good battery life, and gives kids a low-risk way to prove responsibility.

However, Apple might have some stiff competition here, with Google itself now offering a full-blown smartphone at a similar price point — the Google Pixel 3a for just $399.

source: Apple

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