How to Reset Accessibility Settings on Redmi Note 8

Android smartphones, like the Redmi Note 8, have a feature to support those groups of users with limited mobility. It allows them to access support for hearing, visual, and physical functions. Let us check on how to reset accessibility settings on Redmi Note 8 as you read further. 

When things aren’t working in your favor upon using a Redmi Note 8 device, there are still few options that you can try. Using the accessibility settings on your smartphone allows you to gain access to different functions. 

However, if you have enabled some of these features, you might encounter some problems. Checking which function is causing the error could be a headache. This is why you might need to reset the accessibility settings to their default values and options. 

Accessibility settings include Talkback, Select to Speak, text-to-speech, display options, audio controls, hardware key functions, vibrations and a lot more. You can definitely make good use of these features. 

If you want to know how you can revert those options to their default configurations, feel free to follow the steps on how to reset accessibility settings on Redmi Note 8 below. 

Steps to Reset Accessibility Settings on Redmi Note 8: 

  1. Access Settings from the Home screen. Just tap on the Settings app. 
  1. Go to and select Additional Settings. 
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  1. Select Accessibility.
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  1. Tap the Menus at the upper part. You can now disable the accessibility options for each category. 
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