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How To Repair Cracked Screen On Google Pixel Phone

Are you bummed about a cracked screen on your Google Pixel phone? Don’t worry, you do have some options. The best options to get your cracked screen repairs is to either purchase a screen replacement kit online and attempt the repair yourself, or you can bring the phone to a professional shop to repair it for you.

Repair Cracked Screen Yourself

Get a screen replacement kit online, and try to take apart the phone and replace the screen yourself. This typically should be the cheapest option, but obviously not the best option. You might be able to save about 50% off the retail price of a professional repair if you do it yourself. But you might run into issues. Modern smartphones are usually hard to take apart, let alone trying to repair the cracked screen on yourself. And if you don’t have the steady hands to work meticulously around the tiny parts in the phone, things might start to get tricky.

If you are brave enough to attempt the cracked screen repair yourself, then we would suggest you take a look at a solid Google Pixel screen replacement instruction. The best one we’ve seen is from ifixit, and you can find their detailed instructions here.

Find Professional Screen Repair Near Me

You might not notice, but there is likely a ton of phone repair stores around you. You can more than likely find a screen repair shop sitting in the middle of your nearest mall, they typically can be found in a small kiosk in the middle of the mall. You can also google around and search for “screen repair near me”, you’ll likely get a ton of search results that would work for you.

But why take the time out of your busy day and search for stores and bring them in when you can have the professionals come to you. The good folks at Amazon have came up with a service where you can book an appointment for them to come to you and repair the screen for under an hour. You can have them meet you at your house, a park, or even your work office (if convenient). They charge the same price as you would pay at a local phone repair store. So give that a shot, it just might be the quickest and safest way to repair your cracked screen on your Google Pixel phone.

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