How to recover data on Galaxy S9 with broken screen

For those who are wondering whether or not it’s possible to recover their data (photos, videos, music, contacts, etc) if their Galaxy S9 screen is damaged, read on.

Problem:  How to recover data on Galaxy S9 with broken screen

Hello. So, I have a VW Samsung Galaxy S9 which I LOVED. The problem is that I broke it. YEP, I BROKE IT GOOD. No, I cannot turn it on as there is most definitely hardware damage. When it was damaged, it stayed on meaning it wouldn’t go immediately to voicemail when the number was called, so I had hope. However, when I found it, in my attempt to retrieve (praying) any and all data on the phone, when I plugged it into my computer, a blue light came on. After a while and a lot of frustration, I gave up. Today I started taking my chances again. This time when I attempted to turn it on, , a red light came on. After I plugged it into the computer, the blue light came on. Still cannot access the data and I am losing hope. All I really care about it my pictures, but my contacts would be nice too. I have contacted a company that says they can extract the data from it, but they cost a lot of money. Can you help? Otherwise, I imagine it will sit on a shelf until I can afford to have someone else see what they can do. Thanks.

Solution: While your phone is considered a mini computer, it differs significantly from a regular computer in one key aspect — it’s screen acts as a monitor and access point to the OS. In other words, the screen has two important  functions in your device. First, it acts as a monitor that displays images that you see. Secondly, it also acts as a gateway to allow you to manipulate the operating system in order to perform tasks you want like browse your files. Therefore, with a broken screen, there are two things that can’t be done — being unable to see what’s on the screen, and unable to access your data.

Since your device is apparently not completely dead, all you need to do right now is have the screen replaced. While this is not free, this is what any technician will do in this case, especially if they intend to retrieve the data from the internal storage. For security reasons, your phone will only allow access to the system after entering your screen authentication option such as PIN, Password, Pattern, etc. Since that can only be done when the screen works normally, there’s really nothing much that you can do.

Try to check how much it’s going to cost you if you have the screen replaced. If it’s cheaper compared to having your data retrieved professionally, then go ahead with it.


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