How To Join A Clan In Diablo 3

One way to gain new friends while playing this game is to join a clan in Diablo 3. There are several clans available to choose from or you can even create your own . You can only join one clan at any given time which will provide you clan specific advantages.

The first time you play Diablo 3 you will want to finish the Campaign Mode which allows you to play the storyline of the game. Once you have finished this, there’s the Adventure Mode and Challenge Rifts. It’s during these game modes that you will sometimes need the assistance of other players and the best way to get help is from other members of a clan or community.

How a clan works in Diablo 3

A clan is a small group of players ( maximum of 150 members) with common interests. It’s a good way to communicate better with friends that you play with the most. It works by an invite only system. You won’t necessarily be accepted immediately when you request to join a clan. You either have to be invited or accepted in order to become a member. You can also create your own clan and invite your friends to join if you wish so. Take note that you can only become a member of a single clan at any given time.

Joining a clan in Diablo 3

If you want to enhance the social aspect of the game then you should join a clan. There are several clans available to choose from so make sure to join one that you share interests with.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Becoming a clan member

  1. Open the Diablo 3 game.

    You can do this by clicking it from the Start menu list of applications.Join A Clan In Diablo 3

  2. Click the Play button.

    This will start the game.Joining a clan in Diablo 3

  3. Click the Communities button.

    This can be found on the lower right side of the screen.communities button

  4. Click the Find button.

    This will allow you to find a clan. Take note that there are two find buttons in this menu so make sure to choose the one under clan.find clan

  5. Choose the clan you want to join then click on Join clan.

    Your request to join will be pending until approved by the clan leader.join a clan

Advantages of joining a clan

There are several advantages that you can enjoy when you join a clan. Aside from being able to get help from other members here are some of them.

  • You will be notified when a member finds a Legendary item and will be able to check its stats.
  • You will be notified when a member completes an achievement.
  • You will be notified when a new member joins or leaves the clan.

Creating your own clan

If you would rather create your own clan then here’s how you can do it.

  • Open the Diablo 3 game.
  • Click the Play button.
  • Click the Communities button.
  • Click the Find button. Take note that there are two find buttons in this menu so make sure to choose the one under clan.
  • Click the Create button.
  • Fill in the information for Tag, Name, and Language then click the Create button.

After performing the steps listed above you will successfully join a clan in Diablo 3.

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