How To Fix Bose Soundlink Color II Water Damage Problem

There have been reports from speaker wherein the Bose Soundlink Color II speaker stopped working because of water damage. Bose Soundlink Color II is a water resistant speaker and not waterproof. The difference between the two is that the former is safe for splashes or rain however the waterproof Bluetooth speaker usually has an rating of IP67 which means it is safe to use under water and are sealed watertight. In here, let us talk about Bose Soundlink Color II and the troubleshooting methods to fix gets damage because of water.

Fix Soundlink Color II stopped working due to Water Damage

Before we head on the troubleshooting methods below, let us first talk about Soundlink Color Bluetooth speaker II and its specifications:

  • Dimensions: 5.25″ H x 5″ W x 2.25″ D
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs
  • Input: 3.5mm auxiliary input
  • Output: Micro-B USB port
  • Wireless range: 30 feet or 9 meters
  • Battery life: 8 hours (Lithium-ion)
  • Water Resistant: YES
  • Colors available: Yellow Citron, Aquatic Blue, Soft Black, & Polar White

Method 1: Allow Soundlink Color Bluetooth speaker II to dry out

Since Soundlink Color Bluetooth speaker is designed to withstand only splashes of water and cannot hold under water or is not waterproof, this means that there is no way the speaker should be submerged under water. If at some point, under certain unforeseeable circumstances that water gets the inside of the speaker remove the water immediately from the underwater surface.

Once speaker is removed from the wet surface, if there is excess water you may need to use a cloth to soak up any visible water and please try dry it out for about 24 to 48 hours.

After 48 hours, re-check Soundlink Color Bluetooth speaker for dryness or wetness. If the speaker has been dried out, turn speaker ON to check if damaged caused by water has been fixed.

Method 2: Bring speaker for service

After allowing the Soundlink Color Bluetooth speaker II to dry out for a few days and still damage still exists, you may need to bring the speaker in for service. Authorized Bose technician should be the one allowed to open the Bluetooth speaker and check for any damages that may have caused by introduction of water inside the speaker. Check with your local directory and call customer service for the nearest Bose Authorized dealer for service.

Hope this article helps with Soundlink Color II stopped working due to Water Damage. Feel free to visit our  TheDroidGuy Youtube Channel for more troubleshooting videos

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