How to Fix Black Screen of Death on Poco M3 Pro

Unable to see anything on the screen aside from the black tint? Doesn’t respond to any commands and shows no signs of life? Learn how to fix a black screen of death on Poco M3 Pro as you read further. 

You might wonder why your smartphone suddenly shows a black screen when it has been all good recently. Well, one of the main causes of why black screen of death happens is due to software bugs and glitches. 

A lot of black screen issues generally occur after updating the device software version. This is due to unprecedented incompatibilities caused by the new software update to the apps installed on the smartphone. It could also be due to a malfunctioning update. 

If the black screen of death on Poco M3 Pro has occurred after installing a software update, then you will need to contact Poco support to report this problem. There might be some technical difficulties on the device that needs to be addressed by the expert. 

Another thing that you should also look at is physical stress/trauma. Dropping the device or putting it inside tight spaces could damage the screen and cause the black screen of death to occur. If it does, visit the nearest service center in your area and have it checked by an authorized technician. 

However, if the issue occurs suddenly and the phone has not experienced any of those mentioned things, feel free to follow the procedures that I have mapped out below. They are designed to address a software malfunction that may have put the Poco M3 Pro into a black screen of death. 

Steps to Fix Poco M3 Pro Suffering from Black Screen of Death: 

  1. Charge the Poco M3 Pro
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Smartphones could be drained easily if they have been used continuously. This might be the case on why the Poco M3 Pro isn’t showing anything on the screen and experiences the black screen of death issue. Using the device on intensive gaming could also consume the battery faster. 

To ensure that this is not the reason for the black screen on the Poco M3 Pro, get the charger and try to charge the phone. If it still doesn’t show any signs of power on the screen, try to look for another charger that is compatible for your device. There are cases where a bad charger won’t charge the phone and causes the battery to be drained. 

  1. Power Cycle the Poco M3 Pro
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The Poco M3 Pro could go into a deep sleep and cause it to provide the black screen of death symptoms. The best way to address this kind of dilemma is to force the device to jumpstart and get power to activate the system through a power cycle. 

To perform a power cycle, press and hold the power button for at least 15 seconds or until you see an indication on the screen (if any) that it has restarted. If the phone has successfully booted up, you may need to update some apps and check for possible software updates. 

Updating the apps would be a great help in addressing glitches such as a black screen problem. It stabilizes the app’s performance and improves its bug-dealing capabilities. To update the apps, just tap on the Google Play store. Then tap on your profile at the upper-right corner. Select Manage apps and devices. Then tap on App updates. 

To check for possible software updates, just go to Settings > About phone. Tap on the MIUI version and wait for the device to check for an update. If there’s an available update, it is best suggested to update your Poco M3 Pro to the latest version and it could help in addressing future problems that may cause a black screen issue. 

  1. Attempt to Access Recovery Screen on Poco M3 Pro
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If attempting a power cycle did not do any good on your Poco M3 Pro and it is still stuck on the black screen of death, then try your luck in accessing the recovery mode screen. To do that, press and hold the Power button and the Volume Up button until you see the recovery screen. 

Once successful, you will need to select the Reboot now option. Use the volume keys to highlight it and the power key to make a selection. Don’t forget to update the apps or check for software updates once the Poco M3 Pro has rebooted completely. 

Still Having Black Screen of Death on Poco M3 Pro

A black screen of death could occur anytime while using the device, even without you doing anything. If the issue persists after trying those procedures, it is time to consult with the experts. Visit the nearest service center in your area and have the device checked by their onsite technician. You can also check Poco’s official website for further assistance. 

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