How to Fix a Poco M3 Pro that Keeps Disconnecting

Are you using your smartphone but suddenly it disconnects? That could be while using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or an online app. The help is here as this post will cater to a Poco M3 Pro that keeps disconnecting. Read further. 

Connectivity problems, such as constant disconnection, can be caused by a minor glitch or bug on the device. Software issues can be dealt with easily, depending on how serious they are. What you will find below are solutions that should help in addressing a Poco M3 Pro that keeps disconnecting. 

You are free to follow them, given that the phone has not been dropped accidentally or did suffer from serious physical stress prior to getting the issue. 

Steps to Fix a Poco M3 Pro that Keeps Disconnecting: 

  1. Optimize the Poco M3 Pro
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Optimizing the Poco M3 Pro would only mean to run the cleaner app. This is the built-in app on poco devices that clears cache, obsolete files and closes background apps to free up some RAM. 

This procedure is important to perform whenever the device keeps disconnecting as it improves the system performance. It clears glitches along the way, and it could help in fixing the problem on your Poco M3 Pro. 

Simple look for the Cleaner app on your phone and tap to open it. It will automatically scan the device and wait for it to finish. Once done with the scanning process, tap on Clean up to clear cache, obsolete files and memory. Then monitor the device if it still keeps on disconnecting. 

  1. Clear App Cache on Poco M3 Pro

The apps on your Poco M3 Pro run separately and they also store separate cache on their system. These cache files are used to expedite some processes, however, they could also go rogue and affect how the phone will perform. 

Issues, such as disconnecting randomly, are due to the erratic information on the phone’s system that affects its overall performance. This is the reason why we need to wipe the app cache individually on each app to ensure that they are not the reason for the Poco M3 Pro that keeps disconnecting problems. 

To do that, just look for the Settings app and tap on it. Go to and select About phone. Tap on Storage. Select Apps and data. Select the app that you want to wipe the cache. Tap on Clear cache. Select OK from the prompt. 

You can also tap and hold on the app at the home screen. Then select App info. At the bottom part, tap on Clear data. This will not delete any personal information, and will only clear stored cache files on the app’s system. 

Use your device as usual and check if the Poco M3 pro keeps on disconnecting after performing this procedure. 

  1. Update Apps on Poco M3 Pro
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Let’s say that the previous solutions did not work, and you’ve reached this point. Then the problem might be due to outdated apps on the Poco M3 Pro. Updating the apps is a necessary procedure as it fixes reported bugs and improves their stability. 

Updating the apps would be a great help in addressing glitches such as keep on disconnecting. To update the apps, just tap on the Google Play store. Then tap on your profile at the upper-right corner. Select Manage apps and devices. Then tap on App updates. 

Once app updates are installed, check your Poco M3 Pro if it still exhibits the problem. 

  1. Check for Software Update on Poco M3 Pro

Checking for software updates is also vital in clearing the constant disconnection issue. Software updates often provide security patches, along with some fixes to the bugs on the Poco M3 Pro. This might be the one that could fix the disconnecting problem on your phone. 

To check for possible software updates, just go to Settings > About phone. Tap on the MIUI version and wait for the device to check for an update. If there’s an available update, it is best suggested to update your Poco M3 Pro to the latest version and it could help in addressing future problems that may cause the constant disconnection. 

  1. Reset the Network Settings on Poco M3 Pro

Misconfigured network settings also affect how your Poco M3 Pro will perform. Wi-Fi networks and VPNs can be configured manually, depending on your needs. This is the reason why they could also go erratic at times easily. 

Resetting these network configurations will revert their values to their default options. That would include saved Wi-Fi networks, connected Bluetooth devices and cellular data configurations. 

Just go to Settings > Connection & sharing. Scroll to and select Reset Wi-Fi, mobile networks, and Bluetooth. Tap on Reset settings and enter password/PIN when prompted. Tap on Next. Select OK on the prompt and wait for the phone to complete the process. 

  1. Factory Reset the Poco M3 Pro
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If all else fails and the Poco M3 Pro still shows constant disconnection after those procedures, then you would need to erase all data on the device. This includes installed third-party apps and your personal information. 

The reason why you would need to do this is to clean up the device and erase stubborn glitches that may have been causing it to keep on disconnecting. Since all contents are going to be deleted, make sure to create a backup either on your MI account or on a laptop/computer.

To factory reset the device, just go to Settings > About phone. Select Factory reset. Tap on Erase all data at the bottom part of the screen. Enter password/PIN when prompted. Then, select Factory reset to confirm the action. 

Poco M3 Pro Still Keeps Disconnecting

If the Poco M3 Pro still keeps on disconnecting after setting it up from the factory reset, then this issue might have been occurring due to a hardware defect. There’s a tendency that the antennas and other stuff on the phone aren’t functioning as intended. 

For that matter, bring the device to the nearest authorized service in your area and have it checked by an authorized Poco technician. You can check their official website to know more details about their physical centers for further assistance. 

Also, there are cases that the Poco M3 Pro might get stuck on black screen. If you are having that kind of problem as well, then we got you covered. Check our article on how to fix it by clicking here

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