How to Factory Reset a Samsung Galaxy A10

If you need a holistic cleanup and need to factory reset a Samsung Galaxy A10, I’ll help you out. You might need to factory reset your Galaxy A10 if glitches occur and it runs very slow. Factory reset can definitely elevate your phone experience, especially if the device has been used for a long time already. 

Doing a factory reset would restore the default factory configurations on your Galaxy A10. The result will be a phone experience that feels like new, as the settings are like the first time you activate the device. 

In smartphones, the main use of factory reset is to remove accumulated files that may have gone erratic and causes certain problems, like a very laggy performance. With that said, you will expect that all files are going to be deleted and removed on the system. After the reset, you will need to install applications and setup settings to get your phone back to work.

This procedure works the same as the hard reset process. But unlike the hard reset that uses hardware buttons to wipe out the device, factory reset uses the option itself found on the phone’s settings. 

Let us check the steps on how you successfully perform a factory reset on Samsung Galaxy A10. Make sure that you have backup your important files and take note of the google account credentials that you’ve used on the device as you will need those later. 


  1. Access Settings from the Home screen. 
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  1. Scroll to and select General Management. 
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  1. Tap on Reset. 
  1. Select Factory Data Reset. 
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  1. Read the information. Once you are ready, tap on Reset. This will initiate the process. You might need to enter your phone’s PIN code if you have set up one. 
  1. After the reset, your phone will restart. Setup the device like the first time you got it. If it is bound to a google account, you will be asked to enter the google credentials to activate the phone. 

If you’ve performed a factory reset successfully on your Galaxy A10, set up a lock screen protocol, like a face recognition, by clicking here. Also check out our helpful tutorials and troubleshooting videos on our Youtube channel. Please subscribe to it and don’t forget to like the videos. Thank you. 

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