How to Disable Annoying AI Tip Notifications on the Samsung Galaxy S24

The Samsung Galaxy S24 comes packed with a ton of AI-powered features to enhance your experience. Unfortunately, this also means you may get bombarded with endless tips and suggestions from the AI assistant.

If you find these notifications annoying or simply want to disable them, here’s a step-by-step guide.

Turn off Galaxy S24 Notification: Settings -> Apps -> Search for Tips app -> Block notification.

Step 1: Open Settings

From your home screen, swipe down and tap on the gear icon to open Settings.

Alternatively, you can also say “Hey Bixby, open Settings”.

Step 2: Go to Notifications

In Settings, scroll down and tap on “Notifications”. This will open up notification controls for all apps.

Step 3: Find and Select Tips

Under the list of apps, look for “Tips” and tap on it. This will open notification controls specifically for the Tips app.

Step 4: Toggle Off Suggestion Notifications

Find the option labeled “Suggestions” and tap on the toggle switch next to it to turn it off/grayed out. This will disable any proactive suggestions from the AI assistant.

Step 5: Disable All Other Tips Notifications

While here, you can also toggle off other Tips notifications like “General Tips” or “Introduction Tips” if you want to disable tips completely.

Step 6: Tap Back to Exit

Once you’ve adjusted the settings to your liking, tap on the back arrow at the top left to return to the main Settings menu.

Alternative: Mute All Notifications

If you want a nuclear option, you can go to Settings > Notifications > Advanced settings and toggle “Off” the option named “Allow notifications”. This will mute all notifications from all apps.

Use Do Not Disturb

You can also enable Do Not Disturb mode by swiping down from the top and tapping on the moon icon. This will silence all notifications for a set period of time.

And that’s it! With these steps, you can take control of irritating AI tip notifications on your Galaxy S24. Keep in mind that disabling certain tips may also turn off useful features, so adjust settings appropriately for your needs. But overall, you should now have a distraction-free experience.

Here is an additional section on fully disabling all AI features:

How to Completely Disable All Galaxy S24 AI Features

If you want to fully disable all AI-powered features on your Galaxy S24, here are the steps:

Step 1: Go to Advanced Features

From Settings, tap on “Advanced features”.

Step 2: Select Advanced Intelligence

In Advanced features, select “Advanced intelligence”. This houses all the AI services.

Step 3: Turn Off Each AI Service

Go through the list and tap on each AI service such as Bixby, Smart Suggestions, Adaptive Brightness, etc. and toggle the switch off.

Doing this will completely disable all AI features and switch to regular default modes. However, this means you lose out on the benefits of AI as well.

Step 4: Toggle Off “Learn From Usage”

While in Advanced intelligence, make sure to also turn off “Learn from usage” at the bottom. This will prevent the phone from collecting usage data to improve services.

And that’s it! With these steps, you can fully disable all AI capabilities on the Galaxy S24 if needed. Keep in mind this will revert your phone to basic functionality without any smart features.

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