How To Copy And Paste On Mac

Mac and Windows devices feel completely different and their OSes aren’t all that similar. This leads to it being a bit tougher than it should be to go from one kind of device to the other.

Fortunately, there are some basic things that can have a skill from Windows transfer over to MacOS – or vice versa. Copying and pasting is a simple tool, but one that makes life easier. To do copy and paste on a Mac, just select the object and press Command alongside C to copy it. Then pick where you want that text to go once again and press Command alongside V to paste it. It’s the same as using Control + C or Control + V on Windows, but instead on Mac you’re using Command + C or Command + V.

Some might get a little confused, as Mac is essentially a glorified Linux platform underneath. So, to your surprise, that means that on other Linux platforms, such as Ubuntu or openSUSE, you’re not going to have a Command + C or Command + V to use. It’s the same as on Windows: Control + C and Control + V.


So, as long as you’re on Mac, remember that the way to copy and paste is with Command + C and Command + V, respectively.

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