How to Change Carrier on Poco M3 Pro

Need to change carrier on Poco M3 Pro but can’t find the options? Here’s the complete instructions that you can follow. Read further for more information. 

The Poco M3 Pro 5G sports a hybrid dual-nano SIM feature. It allows the user to get the best experience, especially for those who have more than one SIM card. That means you can change the carrier for data and the carrier used for SMS or calling seamlessly.

Dual-SIM smartphones have provided a better experience to most users nowadays. It is something that is useful for those people who are on the go and don’t have time to remove  and change the SIM card on their smartphone. 

One could simply tap an option on their phone’s settings and they can change the carrier easily without the hassle of removing the SIM card tray. In this case, let me show you how you can change carrier on Poco M3 Pro. 

Steps to Change the Carrier on Poco M3 Pro: 

  1. Access Settings on the home screen. Just look for the Settings app on the app drawer/home screen.
  1. Go to and select SIM cards & mobile networks. 
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  1. Select the carrier that you want to be defaulted for calls by tapping on 1 or 2. This option will be greyed out if you are only using one sim on the device. 
  1. You can also select 1 or 2 on the data card for the carrier to be used for data connection, when enabled. 
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Changing the carrier on the Poco M3 Pro might take some time and there could be a slight delay. Just wait for the device to do its thing and change the carrier to your desired option. Thank you for reading this post. 

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