How to Access Recovery Mode on Poco M3 Pro

Unable to access recovery mode on Poco M3 Pro? Don’t know how to do it properly? Check out our complete tutorial on how to access the Recovery options on the Poco M3 Pro through this post. 

Getting issues and stubborn glitches on smartphones are pretty normal these days. There are varieties of bugs that could interact with the phone system that would result in different problems. With different issues, comes different solutions. 

One of the most effective procedures that you can perform if you are encountering a severe problem on the Poco M3 Pro is to access the recovery mode. Recovery mode would allow you to restore the device or reboot the system. 

Unlike other procedures, accessing recovery requires a hardware combination instead of using the phone’s settings. This makes the procedure very versatile in handling different situations, including but not limited to, unresponsive screens or black screens. 

If you have no idea on how to access recovery mode on Poco M3 Pro, I have mapped out the procedures below. Feel free to follow them. 

Steps to Put the Poco M3 Pro on Recovery Mode:

  1. Turn off the device completely. This is crucial to access the recovery options screen. 
  1. Once it is turned off, press and hold the Volume Up key and the Power key simultaneously. 
  1. Keep on pressing both keys until the Recovery screen appears. Release them once you see the recovery mode options. 

You can now Wipe Data, Connect with MIAssistant or Reboot the system. To highlight the options, use the Volume Keys. To make a selection, use the Power Button. Thank you for reading this post.

If you also need help on how you can enable the USB debugging option on the Poco M3 Pro, we got you covered. Click here and you will access the article on how to execute the steps properly. 

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