How To Hide Level In Valorant

Are you new to Valorant and shy to show that you have just a level 1 Valorant account level and want to hide it in order to avoid toxic players or have spent many long hours in the game and you don’t want other people to see your level. You can use the hide level feature so you can hide your account level to other players. In this article we will show you the easy steps on how to hide level in Valorant.

Valorant is a 5v5 free-to-play first-person shooter game that was released by Riot games in June 2020. It takes place in the not-too-distant future, and players control agents tasked with attacking or protecting the opposite team. The assaulting team’s goal is to place the bomb, while the defending team’s goal is to defuse it, similar to CS:GO and Overwatch.

Hide Riot Games Valorant Account Level Feature

Hide Riot Games Valorant Account Level Feature

Riot Games added account level feature in Valorant that displayed how much time users had time played in the game. While old players liked it, but low level players with new account had a different experience, therefore Valorant introduced the feature to hide account level in Valorant.

What is Account level in Valorant players?

The Account Level of a player is a system that determines how long they have been playing Valorant. Valorant Players gain experience by finishing matches and collecting Account Points (AP).

At the start of Episode 3, Account Levels were introduced to acknowledge and reward all players’ dedication and time invested in the game. Players who had an account prior to Episode 3 received AP based on the number of matches they had participated in previous episodes. When a player moves their account, their account levels are reset.

Playing and completing matchmade games earns you Account Points (AP). Players will receive 1 AP plus 1 AP for every 6 seconds played once the game is completed. They will receive an additional 50 AP if they win that match.

A player will receive 1,000 bonus AP for their first win of the day.

When their player card avatar is presented in game, their account level is displayed at the top of their player card and on level borders encircling it.

5,000 Account Points are required for each level (AP). The borders undergo minor upgrades every 20 levels. Every 100 levels, the borders change color scheme, which appears to be based on competitive ranks and you need to be level 20 to play ranked matches.

Time Needed : 5 minutes

Hide account level in Valorant

  1. Launch Valorant and click on Play button.

    This will open Valorant.Launch Valorant and click on Play button

  2. Click the Collection tab.

    This will allow you to go to the Collection tab window.Click the Collection tab

  3. On the Collection tab, click Player Cards.

    This will allow you to go to Player Cards window.In the Collection tab click Player Cards

  4. On the Player Card window, click level borders.

    This will allow you to go to level border tab.On the Player Card window click level borders

  5. On the level border tab, uncheck show my account level on my player card.

    This will hide level of your Valorant game.On the level border tab uncheck show my account level on my player card

Other players will no longer be able to see your Valorant account level now. Apart from not letting other players know what level you are at, hiding the level makes no impact with the matchmaking and XP earning.

If you want to show your account level on your player card, just simply repeat the steps above and check the box labeled “Show my account level on my player card.”

We hope that this guide have been helpful and clarified things for you regarding hiding your level in Valorant.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the max account level in Valorant?

    According to the devs level 500 is the max level.

  2. What is account level for Valorant?

    Account leveling in VALORANT is based on the amount of time you spend fighting the good fight.

  3. How do I raise my account in Valorant?

    You change it by keep playing the game.

  4. Does account level matter in Valorant?

    No, it just rewards you for the time you invest playing the game.

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