Google’s Pixel 8 to Revolutionize Android Updates: 5 Years of OS Support

Google’s upcoming Pixel 8 smartphone is set to shake up the Android industry by offering a groundbreaking 5 years of major operating system updates. This longevity surpasses the typical 3 years of updates provided for most Android devices.

Pixel 8 Leads with 5 Years of OS Updates

According to an exclusive report by 9to5Google, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro models launching in October 2023 will receive 5 years of major Android OS updates. This is a significant increase from the standard 3 years offered for previous Pixel devices and most other Android phones.

Receiving 5 years of software support means Pixel 8 owners can expect their devices to be updated through the next 5 major versions of Android. For example, a Pixel 8 released with Android 14 could see updates up through Android 19 in 2028.

The extended lifespan helps the Pixel 8 better compete with Apple’s impressive iPhone support. iPhones often receive about 5-8 years of iOS updates. By offering 5 years of updates, Google puts the Pixel 8 at the forefront of the Android ecosystem.

Ripples Through the Android Industry

Pushing the boundaries to 5 years of updates applies pressure on other Android manufacturers to follow suit. Samsung recently increased their flagship update support to 4 years, while most devices still lag at 3 years.

Longer lasting phones are better for consumers and benefit the environment by reducing electronic waste from frequent upgrades. The extended software lifespan also helps justify the Pixel 8’s rumored premium pricing, similar to how iPhones hold value longer partly thanks to longevity.

Users Hope for Improved Hardware Quality

While the promise of 5 years of updates is novel, Reddit users theorize Google may need time to perfect their Tensor chipset before confidently extending support. Some impacted users share frustrations with Pixel phones not lasting as long as expected.

If matched by durable hardware, the 5-year pledge could significantly improve ownership experience. But it remains to be seen if the Pixel 8 will have the longevity required to actually utilize 5 years of software updates.

Overall, Google’s Pixel 8 sets a new standard for Android phones if it truly delivers on 5 years of OS updates. But the company must also address concerns around hardware quality to fully capitalize on this massive software commitment.

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