Google Pixel 8

The Pixel 8 will be released in 2023 and while there’s no exact date as to when it will be announced, it will probably be made official around late September to early October. 

The next Pixel phones might only come in two variants; the base and the pro models. Google already omitted the “A” variant in Pixel 7 so it’s logical that we will no longer be able to see a Pixel 8a variant next year. 

According to the reports, Google is already developing the chipset for the Pixel 8 series and it’s gonna be Tensor 8. The company is reportedly working closely with Samsung to improve the chipsets it’s using for its devices. 

In a report from GalaxyClub,  the third generation Tensor chipset carries the model number S5P9865 and is being tested on a developer board that is codenamed Ripcurrent.

Aside from a new and powerful chipset, Google is also looking to give the new device high-end specs, although we already know that it will be the Pro model that will sport all the good stuff Google has to offer. 

It is expected that the Pixel 8 series will still be lower in price compared to its competitors and we might be seeing the base model at a price range between $700 and $800, while the Pro might already be marketed at around $900 to $1,100. 

As of this writing, there isn’t much information about the Pixel 8 but rest assured that we will be updating this page as new information about the device emerges in the following weeks or months.