7 Best Clock Widget For Android in 2024

Something as fundamental as a clock might not seem important to a lot of mobile users. That’s because no matter what, it’s always there. Be it on the lock screen or on the home screen, any Android device will give you a glimpse of the clock widget or time date and time zone on any screen unless you’re in an app. Most clock widgets offered by manufacturers are pretty generic and don’t offer much in terms of customizations.

This can be quite frustrating given that Android devices can be extensively customized, which is the beauty of the platform, really. However, customizing your Android clock widget is pretty easy and can be done in a couple of simple steps thanks to third party apps available on the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, there are too many clock widget apps available on the Play Store, making it quite difficult to get the best one meant for your liking.

We’re going to talk about five clock widgets meant for Android devices today, which will no doubt enhance your experience on mobile devices. Most of these apps are free to download, but you will be able to unlock some special features with the help of in-app purchases.

Best Clock Widgets For Android Smartphones

clock widgets for Android

1. Chronus

This is a comprehensive widget for all the information you will need in a single day. This widget app combines news, weather, clock, calendar entries, stocks, and tasks. You can choose to use a comprehensive widget experience on your home screen, which offers all of the aforementioned details in a single glimpse, or pick and choose what you want on your device.

The news section on the clock widget has a “read it later” function with the help of Pocket. There’s a Gmail extension available as well, which will help you go through your emails directly on your home screen.

For the kind of features that it offers, the Chronus clock widget is definitely worth a try. It features high up on our list of clock widgets that you need to try out for your Android device. The developers claim that by combining aspects like news, stocks etc with the clock, the CPU doesn’t have to bear the brunt of these tasks individually.

This could have a bearing on your battery life, however, but that could be dependent on the kind of device you have. Chronus is free to download. You can unlock some features with an in-app purchase.

Download it now: here

clock widgets for Android

2. Clock Widget

This is a simplistic app that gives you exactly what you want without any of the unnecessary clutter. If a clock widget is what you want, then that’s what you will get here. You can choose custom designed clock styles for your home screen, font size, pick the colors and do a whole lot more.

The widget is linked to the default clock app, and will launch the alarms menu with a single tap. It is important to add Clock Widget to the list of ignored apps if you have a Task Manager installed on your device. Failing to do this will keep the clock from updating the time.

It’s a pretty basic app and does what it’s supposed to. You won’t have much to complain about here given the simplicity it offers. The app is compatible with devices running Android 4.1 or above. It’s a free app, but you don’t have to worry about ads.

There are in-app purchases here, though. The developers update the app frequently with a handful of new features. Make sure you have a very good look at the app from the Play Store.

Download it now: here

clock widgets for Android

3. GO Clock Widget

This particular app offers a different take on clock widgets and comes with a slightly different set of features on board. There are a total of nine different themes, with both analog and digital clocks supported for your home screen. It is easily one of the most versatile clock apps available out there, although some might find some of the styles are outdated, but that’s a subjective opinion. The widget supports 4×1, 4×2, and 2×2 sizes on your home screen.

If you intend to use the biggest widget possible, it’s imperative to make some space beforehand. The developers mention that the clock widget requires GO Launcher EX to work.

Download it now: here

clock widgets for Android

4. ClockQ

A slightly more sophisticated option, ClockQ, is an advanced lock screen application, offering a versatile list of features compared to other apps here. Although Google has removed support for lock or home screen clock widgets after Android 4.2, this can still be used on your home screen. The app comes with 26 fonts to pick from, allowing you to customize your clock widget down to every detail and change its font size. Premium users get access to 38 fonts, however.

This is easily one of the most customizable clock widgets we can find right now, and well worth a look if you’re in the market for an app like this. The app also comes with a dedicated tablet widget, which is a nice touch. The app is free to download, but you will need to make an in-app purchase to unlock some of the pro features.

Download it now: here

clock widgets for Android

5. Clock

You can’t go wrong with the Clock app straight from Google. This one might have the nicest design out of all of these. That’s largely because it runs on Google’s Material Design, which goes for a clean look overall.

It’s a Clock app through and through, but it also adds a bunch of Clock widgets to your smartphone to use as well. You can use the Google Clock as a clock, a timer, an alarm, and so on, but it does have those widgets to add to your home screen, too.

Download it now: here

best clock widget

6. Digital Clock Widget

Next up, we have the Digital Clock Widget. Download this on your Android smartphone, and you’ll be able to get a seriously cool clock widget on your home screen. The Digital Clock Widget actually has tons of customizations that you can make so that you can make your widgets unique. It has the Material Design interface as well, so it’s easy to navigate and customize.

Download it now: here

7. DashClock Widget

One of the most popular home screen widget applications, DashClock comes with an exciting set of features on board. It is definitely one of the most advanced clock widgets available on the Play Store right now, thanks to the large community of fans and developers.

Unfortunately, the app listing mentions that the app is no longer being maintained, so what you see right now is what you’ll get. The app, however, still has a lot of users, thanks for the kind of experience it offers by default.

You will have access to a wide array of styles here, including the ability to add your emails, weather and alarms to the list. DashClock also supports lock or home screen widgets, although it’s only limited until Android 4.4. You can add more extensions to DashClock from their dedicated site, helping you get the best experience possible. Coming from developers Roman Nurik and Ian Lake, the app is immensely popular and has been around for quite some time.

The app is offered for free, with no ads or in-app purchases on board. The developers are offering extensions for the widget as part of the open source project, so there’s no motive to monetize the app. Combined with Muzei wallpapers, the DashClock Widget will no doubt enhance your usage experience.

Best Clock Widgets For Android Smartphones Verdict

As you can see, there are a lot of excellent digital clock widget apps that you can use with Android. Android comes with a variety of digital clock widget apps that you can use with your smartphone already, but if you’re looking for some nicer style ones, or options with more customization, these will be right up your alley. Visit and explore Google Play for more options.

Do you have a favorite digital clock widget that you use with your Android phone and downloaded via Google Play? Let us know in the comments section below.


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