How to fix sound and high-pitched frequency noise problems on your Google Pixel 2 XL? [Troubleshooting Guide]

In the late weeks of October until November of last year, a number of Google Pixel 2 XL users have complained about an issue regarding an odd sound and high-pitched frequency noise during phone calls on their respective handset. Google then immediately responded by rolling out a security patch that includes the required fix. While this has officially put an end to the buzzing noise problem to many people, for some reasons the problem persisted on some Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL devices.

And for these reason, some people are still trying to find other ways on how to remedy the problem even just with a temporary solution. Here in this post, I have mapped some helpful workarounds that can be used to deal with noise problems during phone calls. If ever you’re here for the same reason and haven’t had installed the update containing the fix patch yet, then you should do that first. After installing the update, observe and test your device to see if the problem is fixed. If you still hear some buzzing or clicking noise on your Pixel 2 XL handset, then you may go ahead and try any of the subsequent workarounds.

Before we proceed with our troubleshooting, if you have other concerns regarding your phone, visit our Google Pixel 2 troubleshooting page for we have already addressed some of the most common issues with this device. Browse through the page to find issues that are similar with yours and feel free to use our solutions. If you still need our help, then contact us by completing our questionnaire.

Potential solutions and helpful workarounds to deal with sound problems on your Google Pixel 2 XL

Outlined below are generic solutions to various sound problems transpiring on Android devices in general. You can try any of the methods, which you think applicable to your Pixel 2 XL. Please note though that these are only temporary solutions especially if the problem is caused by a software bug. Also ensure that your device hasn’t acquired any damage like physical damage from a drop or liquid damage from exposure to liquid. Needless to say, these procedures are only applicable to software-related sound problems on the device. If you suspect that the clicking noise or buzzing sound issue on your Google Pixel 2 XL is inflicted by some damaged components (hardware), then you can save time by taking your device straight to an authorized service center and have it diagnosed by a technician instead. Otherwise, you may go ahead and proceed with any of these troubleshooting methods:

Reboot your phone (soft reset).

A device restart is the first recommended solution to any minor software glitches occurring in various types of mobile devices. Also referred to as a soft reset in smartphones, this simple procedure can help rectify problems inflicted by an app malfunction like sudden crashing and freezing. The good thing about performing a soft reset is the fact that aside from being simple, it likewise won’t affect any of your personal data stored on your device’s internal storage. Whether or not you’ve done it already, do it again this time. If it still won’t do any good, then give it a second or even third attempt and see what happens.

Turn off NFC on your Pixel 2 XL.

Many people have found this a temporary but helpful solution especially during the time when the fix patch wasn’t still rolled out by Google. The NFC feature can be enabled or disabled on your Google Pixel 2 XL.

NFC or Near Field Communication feature allows your device to transfer data to other nearby devices. By nearby here means that both devices (your Google Pixel 2 XL and the other device) must be within a few centimeters apart or usually back to back for the file transfer to become successful.  NFC-based apps require NFC to be enabled in order to function correctly on your device. But you may opt to disable or turn off NFC on your phone when necessary. In this case, you may take your chances in this temporary fix. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Tap the Arrow up icon from the Home screen to show all apps.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Tap Connected devices.
  4. Tap the NFC switch to turn the feature off or on. If it’s on, tap the switch to turn the feature off momentarily.

After turning off NFC on your Pixel 2 XL, restart your device one more time then try to see if that fixes the problem.

Enable HD Voice.

Your Google Pixel 2 XL supports HD Voice, a suite of services that are powered by Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology. Instead of the traditional voice network, VoLTE caters voice calls over 4G LTE network. This makes calls better in terms of reception, clearer and more natural sounding audio during phone calls. You can contact your carrier or service provider to verify if HD Voice is supported and available on your account. Charges for making HD Voice calls may apply so better consult your carrier on this matter first to avoid incurring extra charges on your next billing statement. Here’s how to turn on HD Voice on your Google Pixel 2 XL phone:

  1. Verify and ensure HD Voice is activated on your account. Contact your carrier if you’re not sure.
  2. Then tap the Arrow up  icon from the Home screen to show all apps.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Tap Network & Internet.
  5. Tap Mobile Network.
  6. Tap the Advanced Calling Switch to turn the feature ON.
  7. Read and review the disclaimer message on billing and data usage.
  8. Review the notification if prompted then tap OK to confirm.

Now observe your phone and see if the recent settings changes yield to a positive outcome.

Boot into safe mode.

Booting into safe mode is the best way to determine whether the problem is isolated to or triggered by a third-party application. When you boot your device into safe mode, it will start with only the original software that came with it so all your downloaded apps are temporary disabled or not available. This is necessary for you to find out whether or not a third-party app is the culprit. If the problem is gone while in safe mode, then it’s safe to say that any of your downloaded apps is causing the buzzing or clicking noise on your Google Pixel 2 XL. Otherwise, you’ll have to troubleshoot your device software even further. To boot your Google Pixel 2 XL into safe mode, follow these steps:

  1. With your phone turned on, press and hold the Power button for a few seconds.
  2. Tap Power off option on the screen.

A Safe Mode label will show up at the bottom left side of your screen, indicating that your device is in safe mode already.

Alternatively, you can carry out these steps to enter safe mode while your Pixel 2 XL in powered off:

  1. Press the Power button for a few seconds.
  2. When the Google logo appears and the animation starts, press and hold the Volume Down button on the phone. Keep holding the button until the animation ends.

Your phone then starts in safe mode. You will know when it’s already if the Safe Mode label appears at the bottom of the screen.

At this point, try to observe if the buzzing or clicking noise still occurs while you’re device is running in safe mode. If it’s not, try to find the problematic apps then have it removed to fix the problem. To get this done, restart your phone then go to your downloaded apps list and remove the recently downloaded apps one by one. Don’t forget to restart your device normally after removing each app. See if removing an app fixes the problem.

Be sure to note the apps you’ve removed so that you can add them back if you found out that they’re not causing trouble.

Factory reset/Master reset via Recovery Mode.

Considering the possibility of the odd sound problem on your Google Pixel 2 XL is triggered by more complex software issues, performing a master reset will most likely be able to fix it. This system reset will wipe your device completely and restores it to factory defaults. That being said, all your personal information, downloads and other data will be deleted in the process. It could be a tedious process especially if you already have a lot of data stored on your device. Nevertheless it could be worth a try, should all else failed to fix the problem. If you wish to proceed with a factory reset, be sure to backup all critical data stored on your device, then follow these steps whenever you’re all set with the reset.

You can do a factory reset while your device is powered on and responding properly to touch input commands. Here’s how:

  1. Tap the Arrow up icon from the Home screen to show all apps.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Tap System.
  4. Select Reset.
  5. Tap Factory data reset.
  6. Tap on Device backup, disable Automatic restore option then tap the Back icon. This should be done if you are troubleshooting third-party apps.
  7. Tap Reset Phone.
  8. If prompted, enter the current PIN, password or pattern to unlock your device.
  9. Tap Erase Everything to confirm reset.

Wait until the master reset is complete. Your phone will then restart once it’s finished. After the phone boots up, check and see if the clicking or buzzing noise is still audible or already gone. You may then proceed with the initial setup.

In the case where your Pixel 2 XL phone is not responding, you can do the alternative master reset in recovery mode using the hardware keys. A recovery mode system reset is recommended if the usual reset through the phone settings failed to fix the problem. In case you’ll find the need to go for this reset option, here’s how it’s done:

  1. Start by pressing and holding on the Volume down key with your phone turned off.
  2. Then press and hold the Power button while continue holding the Volume down key.
  3. When the Android screen appears, release both keys.
  4. Use the Volume Up or Down keys to scroll to and highlight Recovery mode option then press the Power button to confirm selection.
  5. If the No command message shows up, press and hold the Power button.
  6. Then press and release the Volume Up key while holding down the Power button.
  7. Release the Power button when the Android Recovery screen appears.
  8. Press the Volume Down key to scroll to and highlight Wipe data/factory reset option.
  9. Then press the Power button to confirm selection.
  10. Wait until the wipe or factory reset is complete. Once it’s finished the Reboot system now option is highlighted. Press the Power button to restart your device.

After the restart, check and see if the problem is fixed and your Pixel 2 XL is no longer making odd sounds like clicking or buzzing noise during phone calls or while using certain apps.

Contact Google Support for Further Assistance

So you’ve exhausted every possible solutions including the aforementioned procedures but to no avail. Since you’ve reached this point having the same problem on clicking and buzzing noise your Google Pixel 2 XL, the only better option left for you is to seek more help from Google Support. Give them a call especially if what you have can be tagged among other post-update issues or problems that started to occur after installing a new firmware to your device.

However if the sound problem instigated after you have accidentally dropped your phone or got it wet, then you should take it to a service center instead. Again, a physical or liquid damage can also inflict similar issues to occur on your phone.

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