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How to Enable Live Caption on Google Pixel 7

This post will walk you through activating the Android 13’s new automatic captioning system on the latest Google Pixel device. Here’s a quick guide to enable Live Caption on Google Pixel 7.

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Time Needed : 4 minutes

Live Caption is one of the Android 13 features integrated in newer Google Pixel phones including the recently released Pixel 7 device. 

When enabled, it automatically serves up captions in real-time for all audio including voice calls on your Google smartphone. Live Caption is tagged among other Accessibility features in Android 13. And here’s how to access and enable this feature on the Pixel 7.

  1. To begin, launch the Android Settings app by tapping on the Settings/Gear icon from the Apps screen of your device. Simply swipe up from the bottom of the Home screen to get to the Apps screen.

    enable location services google

    You can also launch the Settings app through the Quick settings panel. Just swipe down from the top of the Home screen to launch the panel and then tap on the gear icon or settings app shortcut.

  2. While in the Settings menu, scroll to find Sound & vibration from the given options and then tap on it to continue.

    enable live captions google

    Another menu opens with audio-related features and options.

  3. Scroll to find Live Caption from the given options and then tap on it to continue.

    enable live captions google

    The Live Caption menu will load up next. Here, you will see a brief overview of the feature and the necessary controls to enable and manage its settings.

  4. To enable Live caption, simply tap to turn on the switch next to Use Live Caption.

    enable live captions google

    A pop-up window will appear next.

  5. Read and review the pop-up information and then tap Got it to continue.

    enable live captions google

    Live Caption is now activated on your device.

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How does Live Caption work on Pixel 7?

Live Caption detects speech on your device and automatically generates captions. Captions typically appear for speech in media playing on your phone. When using Live Captions for calls, the person calling you will be notified with a voice announcement that captions are enabled on your end.

The main language used for the live caption is set to English. You can change this setting and set it to your preferred language if needed.

  • To manage Live caption settings, navigate to the Settings section and then tap to select the option that you’d like to configure. 

Among the available options that you can use and manage for Live Caption include languages & translation, hide profanity, show sound labels, live caption in volume control, captions calls, and more.

Such is a helpful feature for those who have hearing difficulties but can also come in handy when using your phone in loud areas.

Live Caption is also available in earlier Pixel models as well as other Android devices including Samsung’s Galaxy S lineup. Aside from calls, the Android 13 Live Caption is also designed to work with audio messages, podcasts and videos all without Wi-Fi network or mobile data connection needed.

Be sure to note though that when speech is captioned, this feature utilizes additional battery. This denotes the need for your phone to have sufficient battery.

And that’s all about activating and Live Caption on the Google Pixel 7 smartphone.

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