Chrome Updates Are Disabled By Administrator Easy Fix

The Google Chrome updates are disabled by administrator error message is displayed when trying to update the browser on your Windows 10 computer. This is usually caused by a corrupted file configuration. Resetting the Chrome settings will usually fix this problem. If it doesn’t then you should reinstall the browser.

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser that’s available on mobile devices and computers. It is a secure, fast, and highly customizable browser that allows anyone to browse the internet with ease. As of October of this year it holds a 66% market share worldwide on all platforms.

Getting the update failed updates are disabled by administrator error on Google Chrome

One issue that you might experience while updating this browser is this particular error message. There’s nothing to worry about when you see this as it can be easily fixed. Here’s what you need to do.


  • Restart your computer.
  • Make sure Google Chrome is not blocked by your firewall or antivirus program.

Method 1: Restore Google Chrome to its default setting

The first thing you should do in this case is to reset Chrome to its default configuration.

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Resetting Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome.

    You can do this by clicking on its icon from the Start menu list of apps.Google Chrome Updates Are Disabled By Administrator

  2. Click on Menu.

    This is the three vertical dots found on the top right part of the browser.update failed updates are disabled by administrator error on Google Chrome

  3. Click on Settings.

    This will open the browser on settings

  4. Click on Advanced.

    This can be found on the left on advanced

  5. Click Reset and clean up.

    This is where you can reset the browser reset and clean up

  6. Click on Restore settings to their original defaults.

    This can be found on the right restore settings

  7. Click the Reset settings button.

    This will reset the browser to its default reset settings

After the browser has been reset try checking if the issue still occurs.

Method 2: Reinstall Google Chrome to fix Updates Are Disabled By Administrator

If the reset fails to fix the problem then you should uninstall the browser from your computer then download a fresh version. You can uninstall Chrome from the Apps section of Settings. Once Chrome has been uninstalled you should download its installer again using a different browser.

After performing the steps listed above you will successfully fix the Google Chrome updates are disabled by administrator error on your Windows 10 PC.

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