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ChatGPT vs Bard Facts: Which is More Accurate

Two major contenders in the world of AI language models are Google Bard and ChatGPT. Their underlying technology is strikingly different from Google Bard, running on their proprietary Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA) and ChatGPT utilizing OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 for Plus plan subscribers.

  • ChatGPT runs on OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 LLM with a dataset limited to 2021.
  •  Google Bard uses Google’s LaMDA to access real-time information through Google Search.
  •  In an accuracy test about the 2022 World Cup attendance, Bard provided precise figures, while ChatGPT struggled.
  •  ChatGPT seems more adept at handling creative tasks than Google Bard.

Accuracy Matters Comparing Facts

A significant factor when comparing these two chatbots is their accuracy in delivering information. Google Bard comes ahead due to its ability to access real-time data through Google Search, whereas ChatGPT’s dataset is limited to 2021. This gives Bard a substantial advantage in providing up-to-date and accurate information.

For example, when asked about the attendance numbers at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Google Bard provided precise figures and additional statistics. In contrast, ChatGPT struggled, as its dataset needed to be updated with this information.

Comprehending The Dataset

ChatGPT is more accurate when it comes to comprehending datasets. Bard may have better live data, but in structuring and answering in a factual matter, Bard’s artificial intelligence needs to improve.

For example, when asked to name ten famous Japanese Americans, here is the response from Bard:


More than half of the list does not pertain to the original question in this case. And when pressed and followed up on why Bruce Lee was included in this list, Bard doubled down and did not correct itself.


When the same question was asked to ChatGPT’s GPT-4 model, here is its answer:


The response is much more accurate in terms of understanding the user’s query and structuring the dataset to match search intent.

It appears that ChatGPT has an edge when it comes to accurately comprehend datasets and structuring factual answers. While Google Bard may have access to a richer and more up-to-date data pool, its ability to synthesize and present information factually can be inconsistent at times.

As users increasingly depend on these AI chatbots for reliable facts, it’s essential for developers to continuously enhance the models so that they can deliver correct data in a well-structured format.

Despite Google Bard’s access to extensive information, it still has some ground to cover in order to match the precision consistently exhibited by ChatGPT.

More Examples of Bard vs. ChatGPT Facts: Bard is Hallucinating a lot

Here are some user-submitted queries we found on Twitter showing that Bard is hallucinating a lot.

Bard thinks 26 is a prime number, and Michael Jordan wore #26…Bard is hallucinating.

Another one…asked if it’s possible to bike from San Francisco to Paris. Bard says there are many people that have successfully completed this trip… 🤦‍♂️Bard is hallucinating again.

Creativity in Action

When it comes down to creative tasks, ChatGPT has the upper hand. An experiment was conducted where both chatbots were tasked with composing a short poem about chatbots in a specific style. The ChatGPT response was more engaging and creative than the one generated by Google Bard.

Security Concerns

Online safety and security are vital concerns when using AI-powered tools like these. While both Bard and ChatGPT use various techniques to ensure user safety, some critics argue that ChatGPT employs a reactive approach to security, addressing issues as they arise rather than proactively preventing them.

User Experience: Ease of Use & Accessibility

In terms of user experience, both tools are relatively easy to access and interact with. However, accessing Google Bard might require joining a waitlist, which could be an inconvenience for users who want to get started right away.

Which One Offers More Facts?

As previously mentioned, Google Bard has a clear advantage in terms of accessing more facts and accurate information due to its access to real-time data from Google Search. ChatGPT, on the other hand, while it relies on an older dataset, appears to comprehend and lay out the dataset better.

The Final Verdict: Which One is Better for Getting the Facts?

When choosing between Google Bard and ChatGPT, consider your specific needs and intentions. If you require factual and real-time information, then Google Bard is the better choice. However, if you’re looking for more creative output and writing assistance, ChatGPT might be a better fit.

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  1. You can’t say Bard is more accurate or factual because it has more access to real-time information. that is just ridiculous and misleading. I am a computer engineering student and I have used both and it appears Bard keeps getting better at making up false answers, it makes up machine learning models that don’t even exist on the web and documentation that has never been written, while on the other hand GPT will inform you if it has no access to particular information. This analysis needs correction please.

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