ChatGPT Steps Up Its Game: Internet, Web Browsing, and More in Exclusive Beta Rollout

ChatGPT Plus users recently received a major update, introducing web browsing and plugin features to the platform. OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, has worked tirelessly to improve its AI language model capabilities. On May 12th, 2023, it announced the beta release of web browsing and plugins for its Plus subscribers.

Web Browsing Enriches User Experience

Including web browsing in ChatGPT means users now have direct access to the internet through their AI assistant. This significant upgrade allows for an immersive user experience that includes research, shopping, entertainment, and more—ultimately making ChatGPT more versatile.

To enable web browsing for Plus users, they can simply go to their settings and toggle on the “Web browsing” option. Once activated, users can directly input URLs or search queries into the ChatGPT interface to access websites and view content.

However, web browsing is still in beta, meaning there might be limitations in terms of performance that will improve over time.

chatgpt web browsing

Introduction of Third-Party Plugins

Plugin Development by Top Companies

An assortment of third-party plugins will significantly enhance ChatGPT’s functionality. The first wave of plugins was developed by esteemed companies like Expedia, FiscalNote, Instacart, KAYAK, Klarna, Milo, OpenTable, Shopify, Slack, Speak, Wolfram, and Zapier. These partnerships focus on various applications, such as travel deals from KAYAK or using Speak for speech services.

Enabling Plugins: How-To Guide

For ChatGPT Plus users eager to enjoy the new plugins feature in addition to browsing capabilities:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Click on ‘Beta features.’
  3. Toggle on ‘Plugins’

Plugin Store Offers Diverse Options

The Plugin Store provides users with various plugins suited for different tasks. However, users can only use three plugins at a time during chat sessions, so selecting the right ones for a given task is crucial.

Some notable examples of available plugins include:

  • Lexi Shopper: Offers product recommendations from local Amazon stores
  • Word Sneak: Involves guessing secret words sneaked into conversations
  • Speechki: Converts text to an audio in various formats
  • Savvy Trader: Provides real-time investment data about stocks and cryptocurrencies
  • Live Soccer Standings: Delivers live soccer updates, standings, and commentary

Development and Future Prospects with ChatGPT’s New Features

OpenAI’s update strategy includes alpha testing, beta testing, and general availability. By enrolling in the alpha or beta stage, Plus user feedback will be invaluable in shaping AI-driven web experiences.

This significant update came soon after Google Bard was released worldwide (on May 10th, 2023), posing a competitive challenge to OpenAI. Google Bard has similar features previously exclusive to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, like browsing functionality.

Enhancements Through Plugins Increase Versatility

With each new plugin, users are experiencing an evolution in how they interact online. For example, the Zillow plugin showcases the potential to redefine online real estate research. On the other hand, some plugins like ‘AskYourPDF’ and ‘ChatWithPDF’ need further improvements before they can efficiently process specific URLs or local files uploaded by users.

A Turning Point for AI-Language Models

The recent development is undoubtedly a turning point for AI language models like ChatGPT Plus. Introducing web browsing and third-party plugins provides new possibilities that draw more consumers towards this platform.

As these new features continue to evolve through various stages of testing and refinement over time, ChatGPT Plus will become even more powerful and versatile, transforming how users interact with the internet and manage their daily tasks.

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