Borderlands 3 Release Date, Price, News and Rumors

It seems like everyone’s favorite video game series just take so long to develop. Borderlands 2 launched in 2012, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim launched in 2011, and Dragon Age: Inquisition back in 2014. All three of these games have yet to see a sequel, though Borderlands 3 might be — arguably — one of the most anticipated.

The Borderlands series is just so unique, with its beautiful, cartoon-like art style and its seemingly never-ending humor. That said, when will Borderlands 3 launch, and what will it contain? There are a lot of rumors to both of these questions, but finding that information can be fairly difficult. That’s why we put together this guide — to show you a one stop shop for all of the rumors based around the Borderlands 3 series. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Borderlands 3 Release Date

There’s actually a significant amount of hope for fans of the Borderlands series. Unlike successors to the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Dragon Age: Inquisition, we could actually very well see a new addition to the Borderlands series this year, or at least by the end of this year.

Borderlands 3 hasn’t been confirmed by anyone to be actively in development, though there have been some slight hints and teasers on Twitter that indicate that it truly could be in development.

However, we do have some suspicions that we could see an announcement at PAX East this week. Take-Two had an invest call last year, where they indicated that a title was in development for 2020 from one of 2K’s biggest franchises. Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick himself specifically said that there was a “highly anticipated new title from one of 2K’s biggest franchises” for the 2019 fiscal year, which would be around October of 2020.

Borderlands 3 Rumors

YouTube video

There are actually tons of rumors based around Borderlands 3, with an official announcement actually expected this week at Gearbox’s panel at PAX East. In anticipation of that, Gearbox has actually released a video, giving us all sorts of hints and teasers about what Borderlands 3 will contain.

We’re still not quite sure on a name for the new Borderlands game. The trailer teaser is called Masks of Mayhem, but Gearbox hasn’t confirmed that this will be the official name of the game. The teaser itself doesn’t show much, aside from showing us seemingly characters from the past as well as possibly new characters that we’ll see.

We should see Gearbox expand on this later in the day on March 28, as well as throughout the week and coming months up until release — now, what this video does confirm is that there is indeed a Borderlands game in development.

The trailer actually signifies a little more than what immediately meets the eye. The trailer has tons of clues inside through morse code and braille messages. There also seems to be a hidden redeem code that might be used for some sort of DLC reward related to the game somehow. We’ll probably hear how to redeem this later, but the code we spotted is .C35TB – WS6ST – TXBRK – JJH6H – TTTJT.

Other Borderlands 3 rumors

Since the indication that there would be a PAX East announcement, the rumor mill has been turning at breakneck speeds. It all started on March 12, when the official Gearbox Twitter account posted a photo online. The teaser photo contained a dusty road sign, indicating the March 28 announcement in Boston, MA. There was a small piece of text at the bottom corner that said “exit 3”, which almost definitely indicates this is Borderlands 3, if the video teaser didn’t before.

If that wasn’t enough of a teaser, Gearbox shared another tweet the following day. It was an image of a half-built robot on what appears to be an operating table. It has the caption “Time to tease another game for PAX!”

We’re not sure if Gearbox is referencing Borderlands 3, as the art style is entirely different. That said, this one could be an entirely different game that Gearbox plans on teasing altogether, and would also explain why it’s taken so long to see a sequel to Borderlands 2.

If those teasers weren’t enough, Gearbox posted another teaser. Another photo, this time what seems to be a pixellated and blurry photo from Borderlands 2, truly hints at another Borderlands title. We’re not sure that this is Borderlands 3, but could be some sort of port to another handheld console. Or, we could be looking at more DLC for Borderlands 2 to tide folks over until Borderlands 3 launches later this year. We’re just speculating, but we think that these really aren’t far-fetched ideas at all.

Epic Games Store

Another interesting development is that Randy Pitchford took to Twitter to voice his support for the Epic Games Store. The Epic Games Store is poised to challenge Valve’s marketplace. That said, because of Pitchford’s support, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Borderlands 3 be an exclusive to the Epic Game’s Store — that said, it might not arrive on Valve’s Steam platform at all this time around, which could potentially be surprising for their massive customer base.

Borderlands is actually happening

If you weren’t yet convinced that Borderlands 3 was actually happening, there’s all sorts of other hints circulating about it. One example is another comment Pitchford made on Twitter — he said,“Doing a shoot… I may or may not be a psycho bandit in a video game we may or may not be working on. Also, happy Bulletstorm launch day!”

He also announced during a panel that 90% of the Gearbox team is “working on the thing I think most of you guys want us to be working on.”

Elon Musk also posted one of his typical rants on Twitter, and Pitchford ended up responded, saying {Elon – I’m going to add this to our next Borderlands game. Super serious. Let me know if you want to write the flavor text. You may have already done so – we’ll just lift it from one of your tweets.” Pitchford specifically saying “next Borderlands game” here.

If this isn’t proof enough that something great is in the works, along with the teaser trailer, what is?

Company employee shake ups

However, when we do get official confirmation about a new Borderlands games, it could very well not be the same as the first Borderlands and Borderlands 2. This is because Gearbox had a bit of a shake up, at least as far as its writers go. The big problem was that the primary writer ended up having to leave due to health complications.

In addition, the leader writer on Borderlands 2 ended up leaving the company, for reasons that are unknown. That said, we don’t know if Gearbox’s new writers will be able to take up the helm and truly capture what was great about Borderlands and Borderlands 2, though we’ll likely find that out soon enough here.

Borderlands 3 Price

As far as price goes, we’re no doubt looking at game prices that are fairly similar to your average triple AAA game. Borderlands 3, like other games, is likely to sit at around $59.99 for the base game. If Gearbox launched a Deluxe version as well, we could be looking at $79.99 for that.

We’re not sure if Gearbox will launch a collector’s edition, though it’d be surprising if they didn’t. It’s hard to say what the cost for something like that, as it all depends on what’s inside. In the past, collector’s editions have always sat between $100 – $400.

In addition, Gearbox will no doubt offer a Season Pass in addition to these varying editions of the game. This Season Pass will likely cover any additional downloadable content that will be available for the game, and at a cheaper price point than just paying for expansions alone.

Since we’re not anywhere close to the release date, there obviously hasn’t been any official announcements or confirmations on price points, but Season Passes usually range from as low as $14.99 to as much as $29.99 in addition to the base game.


As you can see, there’s a lot of rumors surrounding the new Borderlands 3 title. It’s been fairly quite for a couple years now, but ever since Gearbox posted that initial photo on Twitter, the rumor mill has been running in full force. Between constant teasers on Twitter, teaser trailers, we know that there will indeed be a Borderlands 3 game this year, and we’ll find more about it at the PAX East game conference later in the day on March 28.

It sounds like Gearbox is actually going to have a lot of exciting content coming up, between the Borderlands 3 game that we’ve spoken about extensively, a possible Borderlands 2 port to another handheld console, and even a new IP altogether. Suffice to say, the future looks pretty bright for the gaming community!

What are you looking forward to seeing in Borderlands 3? Is there anything that you would hope to see in the new game, a “dream feature”, if you will? Sound off in the comments section and let us know — we’d love to hear from you!

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