5 Best USB Car Chargers For Your Android Phone

Most people who love taking road trips will be aware of one nagging problem. Well, there’s no way to charge your devices. Well, that’s surely a thing of the past now with car chargers rising in prominence over the past several years. But some car chargers are different from the rest. Given the kind of demand there is for car chargers, it’s a commodity that’s available from a variety of manufacturers. So how do you pick the best one suited for your usage? Well, we’re here to help you. Today we’re going to talk about five best USB Car Chargers For Your Android Phone to juice up your Android smartphone or tablet. Some popular names are included here, which have built up a good reputation based on excellent quality and performance.

At the same time, you will also find a handful of little known USB Car Chargers For Your Android Phone in this list. So let’s have a look.

Best USB Car Chargers For Your Android Phone

1. Anker 24W Dual Charger

This dual USB charger supplies power at 2.4 amps, juicing up your devices in no time. The company is also touting its PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies in favor of quick charging. In addition to charging your Android smartphone, it can also charge the new Apple MacBooks which use a USB C port for charging. It also comes with an LED on board which helps illuminate the USB slots. This can be very helpful during the night when visibility inside the car can be pretty low.

It doesn’t have any other striking features to talk about. For our first pick, we’re choosing a simple and basic car charger that can charge your phones faster than usual. It also comes with a 3 ft USB cable, allowing you to keep a designated charging cable in your car. One complaint I have with this product is that it is slightly larger than some of the newer car chargers out there. This simple, yet effective car charger can be yours on Amazon with Prime shipping available.

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2. Roav VIVA

This is perhaps one of the few car chargers out there that come with Alexa’s support built-in. Once plugged into your car, you will simply have to pair the device with your smartphone to get a slew of Alexa features in your car. This means it has a dedicated microphone on board to pick up your voice commands, making this a truly advanced car charger.

It uses Anker’s PowerIQ charging tech, allowing your devices to be charged super quickly. By pairing the device to your phone and car, you will also be able to play audio content from Audible as well as Prime Music (if you’re a subscriber). Alexa will also help you navigate the roads while you drive.

This is certainly one of the best car chargers on our list, although the price tag might not impress anyone. The Anker Roav VIVA android car charger is available on Amazon.

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3. nonda ZUS

This is a 2-in-1 device as it can act as a device locator in addition to being a decent car charger. It comes with a built-in GPS, alerting you of your car’s location whenever you need it. It also has a Bluetooth chip inside and offers alerts whenever you stop your vehicle. At this point, you can also set a parking time and the tiny unit will also save its location. Further, the device can also alert you of your car’s battery performance, which can be very crucial information to have ahead of a big road trip.

As for the charger itself, well, it can charge devices at 2.4A each (2 ports), letting you charge most devices in a decent amount of time. However, the nonda ZUS is somewhat lacking compared to other offerings in terms of charging speed. However, this isn’t a massive caveat given that it has a different set of features to make up for it. There’s a smartphone app available on the Play Store to check for any parking meters on your path or have some relevant info on your trip. The nonda Zus android car charger is available on Amazon.

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4. Scosche ReVolt

This is a compact car charger that can offer 2.4 amps of charge from each port. This, in comparison to the USB charging offered by your car maker, is significantly faster and can also handle two tablets at once. So if you’re on a road trip with multiple devices running low on battery, a car charger like this will definitely come in handy. To put things in perspective, the ReVolt is considered the gold standard among car chargers. That’s because it can charge your smartphone with the same power and speed as a wall charger.

The ports within the car charger can glow in the dark, offering decent illumination during the night. One thing that strikes out about this charger is definitely its size. The Scosche ReVolt android car charger is certainly one of the better looking car chargers out there, and we highly recommend it to customers who want a charging accessory that does exactly what it’s supposed to. This unit is slightly expensive on Amazon.

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5. RAVPower 24W Car Charger

This one’s for the budget conscious audience and it doesn’t pack any of the features that we discussed on other products on this list. However, if you’re simply looking for a car charger that just works and charges your devices at lightning speed, then you really can’t ask for much more than the RAVPower 24W car charger. It’s simple, understated, and extremely useful. As far as charging credentials are concerned, it can charge smartphones at 2.4 amps.

The android car charger also comes with the company’s iSmart Technology built-in, which cleverly detects the amount of charge needed to juice up your smartphone without risking any of its internals.

RAVPower is an incredibly popular name in the car charging industry, and it’s no surprise that this product has a five-star rating on Amazon. You can snatch this up on Amazon, making this the cheapest offering on this list.

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