5 Best Side Mount Garage Door Opener

Garage doors are a staple for every home. they need the best side mount garage door opener that would like to safeguard their vehicles while assuring ease of accessibility when bringing their cars out of the garage. Could you even imagine driving your way to somewhere and you have to go out of the car just to manually raise the garage door, drive the car next to the road, go out of the vehicle to the garage door to close it down, and get back to the car again?

At A Glance: Side Mount Garage Door Opener

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That’s a mouthful, and that’s how complicated life would be without the use of garage door openers.

But in this list however, we’re showing you the five best side mount garage door openers to provide alternatives than the usual over-the-top-center kind of openers.

You’ll be able to check the benefits of considering these options more than anything. And because garage door openers are all about convenience, comfort, and ease of access, you’ll come to recognize that there is more to these kinds of machinery than just opening your garage doors for you.

Best Side Mount Garage Door Opener

41MtzayQalL. SL500

1) Chamberlain RJO70

The great thing with wall mount garage door openers like the Chamberlain RJ070 is that they save a lot of space when it comes to ceiling use – a common problem with most ceiling-mounted garage door openers. Because this equipment sits next to the garage opening, it consumes so little space and still meets the functionality of the usual but popular openers.

It comes with an automatic garage door lock that will secure your garage door when closed so no force could open your garage manually. There’s also a remote light that you could enable with the press of a button on the mobile app.

For safety and added protection, there are deployed safety sensors that detect body movement to avoid accidents. Also, a multifunction wall control is available for manual override in case you don’t have access to the three-button remote control with you. To make the most of your garage door control, you could also use the MyQ app for setting scheduled opening and closing, status notifications, and personalized control.

One of the cool things about Chamberlain’s garage door opener, this one is pretty much complete silent operation. The wall mount it uses virtually eliminates noise and vibrations, and of course — being a side-mount choice — frees up overhead space, too.

Finally, this side mount Garage Door Opener is a pretty slim opener, so it’s able to fit in tight spaces, and can even be installed on either side of the garage. You can even purchase this model with installation options, allowing a local expert to come out and set it up for you.

Side Mount Garage Door Opener

2) Liftmaster 3800

The Liftmaster 3800 can operate silently while moving faster than other garage door openers thanks to its p3 motor. Because it’s operating on the wall, vibrations on the ceiling, usually felt on the second floor of the house, could be significantly avoided.

The absence of the ceiling-mounted garage door openers provides more space, plus it offers lesser distractions for other family members who use the garage often. As this model comes with Security 2.0, this means that you would be able to operate on the remote only when you are able to successfully enter the PIN code.

The installation of the unit is simple that it could be done even without the help of a professional. Though the 3800 is an older model, it’s compatible for use with the MyQ App. You could program your Liftmaster to close on its own, depending on the time you set.

So even when you forget to close the garage door due to various situations, your door could close on its own. For more convenience, the included motion sensors can be set with the garage light.

This is another one that runs almost silent. Moving your opener from the ceiling to the side-mount means that you’re already getting vibration and noise savings, but the wall mount itself helps eliminate pretty much the rest of that. Keep in mind that this one isn’t compatible with roll up doors or low headroom tracks, and you must have a front mount torsion bar system.

3) Liftmaster 8500

The upgraded and improved version of the 3800, the Liftmaster 8500 offers more speed when it comes to opening and closing the garage door while maintaining almost zero noise operation. Meticulously made for long-term use, ascend and descend of the doors are slowed down when nearing full open or close to avoid noisy collisions.

Because the unit is mounted on the wall, installation is easy that even non-professionals could do an excellent install in just an hour, even when doing it solo. Thanks to its innovative design and powerful motor, you’ll be surprised to realize that you have saved so much space, apart from purchasing stereotypical garage door openers. Also, you won’t be seeing the chains or belts that are usually an eyesore, especially when you have a relaxing and cozy garage.

Compatible to the MyQ App, you could configure to have the garage door closed between 1 and 10 minutes, depending on the settings changed from your smartphone or tablet.

The garage door opener also comes with safety features such as warning sounds before closure and a motion sensor to instruct the door if it would pause or would reverse. In case you don’t like the feature, there’s also a way to modify it from the app.

Other than that, we’d say that this one is one of the more stylish options, actually featuring a faux-wood on the sides of it. You can use this one with a battery back-up as well, so you’ll never be locked out of your garage, in the event of a power outage.

412Bed JO5L. SL500

4) LiftMaster Elite Series 8500W

The 8500 made even better, Liftmaster’s Elite Series 8500W provides the same features as its predecessor with some upgrades such as the Wi-Fi capability that goes perfect with the MyQ app. Some even have tied up the advantageous feature with that of Apple’s Siri to respond to voice commands, which is possible with the installation of the home kit addon.

But more important than the wireless capability is its level of connectivity with the smartphone app that gives users the ability to operate the garage door opener wherever they are.

Worried that the 8500W might not work during power outages and you may not open the garage door when necessary? Thanks to its battery backup option, you can operate even without electricity. Another upgraded feature is its method of installation where you could just use set screws instead of the old dual clamp system.

214 V3BX3KL. SL500

5) LiftMaster Elite Series 8500 MyQ Enabled

Though this may be another Liftmaster 8500 listing, the inclusions with the purchase is different. There are 2 remote control units that have the MyQ control panel, which perfectly goes well with the smartphone app and the connectivity capability of the garage door opener.

Another that’s included is the remote light that can be placed anywhere as long as there’s a connection to a power socket. It works well with the remote control and with the motion sensor.

You also get to experience the excellent features that already exists with other 8500 models such as the very silent but accurate motor. The Auto-force feature, the one that slows down movement based on railing length, temperature change, and floor height, is also available. Security 2.0 is also usable with this model.

Verdict on The Best Side Mount Garage Door Opener

Obvious enough, the Liftmaster provides a myriad of options for you to choose. But depending on your purchase, whether you prefer flexibility of use over Wi-Fi, something basic, or the one that provides advanced features in the tip of your fingers, is up to you.

Nevertheless, all these are offering the same kind of convenience when it comes to installation, to space-saving quality, and the smooth and quiet operation. Do you have a favorite system that you already use? Let us know what it is in the comments below.

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