5 Best Pregnancy Apps For Expecting Moms in 2024

Having a child is one of the most cherished memories a mother will have. However, expecting a child can be quite stressful on the mothers, not to mention the physical pains we go through during the tenure of the pregnancy. With mobile devices at our disposal at all times, pregnant women can seek the help of apps dedicated to ease their way through the miracle of child birth. We are going to talk about a handful of apps today that every pregnant woman should have on her phone. Husbands too can help their wives get through the struggle of pregnancy by suggesting these apps to their spouses.

We’re covering a wide range of apps here, so not every app mentioned on this list will be the same. But rest assured that all apps are equally important and useful through pregnancy. We have even added an app that gives you 50,000 baby names to choose from, which is a nice utility to have if you’re still confused about the name. Most of these apps are free, but some might require in-app purchases to unlock certain features.

Best Pregnancy Apps For Expecting Moms

best pregnancy app

1. Totally Pregnant

This app brings together a large community of mothers to help each other out. You can go out, meet other expecting mothers, and share your experiences or learn something about your journey. Sure, most pregnancy questions can be answered by your mother in your family, or someone who has already had a child. However, by letting you branch out, the app aims to bring together all mothers who are looking for like minded souls to help them through pregnancy. The up side here is that you also get to socialize and make some amazing new friends while you’re at it.

The app also lets you watch 3D videos of your baby’s growth each week, preparing you for the big day. You can share your opinions, feedbacks, or questions to the community, with real mothers responding back to you. There are no robots answering your questions here, which makes it even more special. You can also book appointments for your prenatal classes directly from the app, which is an incredibly convenient feature to have. This ensures that you don’t miss any classes and that you’re ready. There’s magazine styled content on offer to give you useful tips on pregnancy. The app is free to download, although it comes with in-app purchases. There are some ads on board as well.

Download it now: here

best pregnancy app

2. Glow Pregnancy

One of the most comprehensive pregnancy trackers around, Glow Pregnancy tracker lets you prepare yourself for the due date by giving you useful articles and even tracking how far along you have come in the pregnancy. This app revolves around a community as well, so you can get real time information from mothers who are on the same line as you with regards to pregnancy. The developers have announced the addition of two more features namely baby kick counter and contraction timer to help you stay alert on your pregnancy.

You can keep a health awareness log using this app, which is incredibly useful as you can track and gain information on all your symptoms as they occur. Given that you’re interacting with real people here, you’re bound to get a nuanced and experienced opinion each time. There are multiple articles and threads that you can read on pregnancy, thus keeping you fully prepared for when the big day is near. The built-in planner lets you assign your pregnancy appointments and stay on top of them. This is the app every pregnant woman needs to have to ensure a smooth transition into motherhood. The app is free to download, but comes with in-app purchases.

Download it now: here

best pregnancy app

3. The Bump Pregnancy Tracker

This app lets you compare your pregnancy duration on a weekly basis, giving you a very good idea of how far you are in your pregnancy. There’s plenty more to this app than just that, however. The developers have cleverly used a fruit to illustrate how far along you’ve come. This ensures that the mothers aren’t stressed and that they are indeed looking forward to their child. You can even ask questions directly to medical experts, or even other mothers who would be eager to help new mothers.

The Bump staff updates the content on the app every day to give you new and insightful content on a regular basis. It’s a pretty handy app to have, and the fact that you can even document your pregnancy with weekly photo albums is certainly a nice touch. You can also use Bump for baby registries, given that this is supposed to be the #1 baby registry service out there with data gathered from Amazon, Babies “R” Us, and more. This is yet another one of the best pregnancy apps that every mother needs to have on her phone right away. It’s free to download, and there are some moderate ads on board.

Download it now: here

best pregnancy app

4. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

This app brings the focus back onto the mother and makes sure that she remains healthy and fit during the pregnancy. Users can sync their BMI (body mass index), weight, etc using their fitness trackers and see it changing accordingly over time. The app will notify you if you’re doing something wrong and suggest you to change your habits right away.

This ensures that the mothers remain fit and energized for the baby when the time comes. Throughout the crucial 40 weeks, it’s important for the mother to remain healthy. This app ensures that and more. The food logging feature lets you add the food that you’ve consumed so you get a better idea how your body will react to it. Ovia is a free app and can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Download it now: here

5. 50,000 Baby Names

Just as the name suggests, this app is designed for those expecting mothers and fathers who are a bit torn about the name of their upcoming baby. While most parents have it sorted beforehand, it can no doubt be a strenuous task to give your baby girl or boy a name. What will the family think? What will my neighbors think?

These are some of the common thoughts that come across when you go through the process of deciding on a baby name. So if you find that nothing comes to your mind, this app is just what you need to have right now. It has a vast collection of names (50,000 to be precise), so you can go through the directory exhaustively until you have a name that satisfies both the mother and the father. The best pregnancy apps are free to download, but has ads on board. You can get rid of those with a simple in-app purchase, however.

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