5 Best Games Like Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included is a strategy, space colony building game where you command an army of clones who must survive the deep underground on a foreign planet. The game is actually quite involved, taking hours of your time to do ensure your clones are happy, and don’t die from disease.

The amount of time that this game takes is quite substantial, which can cause many to bore after awhile. However, if you’re looking for a similar game to refresh yourself — don’t worry — there are plenty of games just as enjoyable as this one out there. That said, we’ve compiled a list to help you find one to enjoy. Here are some of our favorites.

Best Games Like Oxygen Not Included

games like oxygen not included

1. Rimworld

Rimworld is a construction colony simulation game developed by Ludeon Studios. It is still working in progress, and has a large modding community, due to the easy tools that can be used to mod it. Rimworld puts you in charge of a group of survivors that crash landed on the world of your choosing. You must collect resources, find food, and survive the hostile inhabitants of this world.

In Rimworld, you will have to care for the mental needs (as well as the physical) of your colonists. Be wary of the foreign inhabitants, as they will eventually try to kill you and take all of your supplies, leaving your colony in flames. There are plenty of defensive options and tools that you can use to defend your base, even able to command some settlers to defend the colony in times of need.

Download it now: here

games like oxygen not included

2. Gnomoria

Gnomoria is the spiritual successor to Dwarf Fortress. It is a city building survival game, and you will have to defend it from invaders.

Gnomoria puts you in control of a group of gnomes, which you will use to build a mighty fortress to defend your people and there highly valuable supplies from hostile invaders. In this title, you will collect resources using your gnomes, build an underground fortress for which to hide your supplies and kingdom.

Outside of the fortress, you can construct plenty of farms and agricultural structures to feed and fuel your power-hungry gnomes. This game certainly improves on all of Dwarf Fortress’ qualities. If Dwarf Fortress was to your liking, you should definitely check this one out all the more!

Download it now: here

games like oxygen not included

3. Factorio

Factorio is a real-time strategy game that has been in development by Wube Software since 2012. It has been available as an early-access game since 2014, and updates are still rolling out to it. Factorio puts you in charge of a series of factories establishing an economy-world-destroying-enterprise.

Factorio puts you in charge of running, maintaining, and developing a factory, you will have to collect and manage your resources, build automatic, complicated machines that will create and manage themselves to eventually evolve into a robotic factory supplying the needs of the good people you work for. As you protect and develop this massive and complicated monstrosity of a business, you will have to protect these machines from the evil wildlife seeking to stop the progress of your factories. Be sure to keep your guard up.

Download it now: here

games like oxygen not included

4. Planetbase

Planetbase is a space colony simulation and strategy game developed by Madruga Works. It was released in 2015, but is still one of our favorites today. It involves establishing a human colony on a distant planet and building an outpost to survive on the planet. You are given multiple options for difficulty in terms of the planet you choose.

In Planetbase, you are commanding and overseeing the construction of a colony for you and your settlers to survive on, you will have to carefully manage space, resources, and and trade. You will need to ensure that your people do not starve to death, and that their personal needs are dealt with, such as exercise and sleeping quarters.

Constructing a bunk bed versus a queen sized bed can be the difference between an angry mob and cheerful colonists. Trade is also a valuable thing, you will need to ensure that your colony prospers to be a massive trade capital in the dead darkness of space.

Download it now: here

5. Prison Architect

Prison Architect is a prison construction and management simulation game developed by Introversion Software. It was made available for alpha pre-order on September 25, 2012 with updates continuously occurring since then. The game is still in its beta, as the developers don’t seem to have a “finish” date with it. That’s fine with us, because the amount of content available in it is insane!

In Prison Architect you are set as the Prison Warden who must construct and manage a private prison in the middle of nowhere, where you will have to manage the prisoners desires and needs. This will include bathrooms and showers, electric chairs and prison cells. It even comes with a gameplay mode — mostly a sandbox — designed to show off exactly what this game has to offer, with an extra mode built in such a way that you will have to escape the prison as a prisoner yourself.

Download it now: here

Best Games Like Oxygen Not Included Verdict

As you can see, there are a lot of similar games that have tendencies like Oxygen Not Included, all with their own quirks and features of course. Oxygen Not Included is a fun survival game, and many on this list are put into the same genre; however, we also think these five are some of the best that you can buy today. We sincerely hope to have given you plenty of games to pour hundreds of hours into! What’s your favorite game like Oxygen Not Included?

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