Best Free Coloring Book for Adults Android App

If you were to ask someone back just a couple years ago that coloring books for adults would occupy two of the top 50 best selling books on Amazon, you would probably get laughed at. It’s astonishing how quickly this new trend took off and became an absolute sensation. Some people love them because they provide them with a canvas upon which they can express their creativity and artistic talent without thinking about the subject itself, and others use adult coloring books as a way how to relax or even get past mental and physical hurdles. We have selected the top 5 most popular adult coloring book for adults android app, so nothing is standing between you and hours of great fun and relaxation.

The only real downside is their price. And if you get into the habit of coloring every day, you quickly find yourself in need of a steady supply of books. There has to be a better way, right? You are correct. With nothing more than your favorite Android device, you have at your fingertips an endless supply of high-quality adult coloring books with all the patterns you can think of.

Best Free Coloring Book for Adults Android App

best coloring app android

1. Colorfy: Coloring Book for Adults

Colorfy is the most downloaded adult coloring book application on Android. With its high rating of 4.6 stars, you know that you are in for a wonderful experience. Indeed, this constantly updated application is polished to near perfection. You can choose any theme you want, including mandalas, florals, animals, and patterns. Colorfy’s developers are adding new images every week, so you never have to worry about running out of great-looking artwork to fill in with any colors you like.

The app works completely offline, so you can have endless fun no matter where you are – as long as you bring your charger with you, of course. When you do get online, you can share your creations on social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Google Plus, Line, Kiko, Twitter, or send them via email and SMS.

The stylish user-interface is simple to navigate, yet it provides you with plenty of ways how to make the artwork truly yours using special filters and effects. We encourage you to take a look at Colorfy’s Instagram page to see what others have been able to accomplish with the application. We like the team behind the app want to make it accessible to as many people as possible. You would have to look very hard to find an Android device that couldn’t run it.

Colorfy is available for free in its basic version. Those of you who would like to get extra content can purchase it via in-app purchases.

Download it now: here

best coloring app android

2. Adult Coloring Book Premium

With several million installs as of the time of writing this article, Adult Coloring Book Premium is the second most popular adult coloring book on Google Play. While the name might suggest that the app costs money, the opposite is true, at least for the basic version. As it’s the case with most coloring apps, if you want more content, you have to pay for it.

The most noticeable limitation in the case of Adult Coloring Book Premium is the lack of color options in the free version. It’s a shame that developers decided that this is the best way how to approach the in-app revenue model. We feel that more people would grow to love the application if they could get into it right off the bat without any constraints placed on their creativity.

Apart from this criticism, the application as a whole is fantastic. The user experience of picking up a design from the seemingly endless variety of patterns, mandalas, animals, and natural sceneries is fantastic and so is the coloring itself. The app makes it very easy for you to create your customized pallets, so you can replicate the general look of an image as many times as you want. Even the tiniest details are not a problem to color, because you can always just pinch to zoom in or out to enlarge the image. When you are finished with a piece, there’s an option to save it to your device or share it with your friends on social media sites.

Download it now: here

best coloring app android

3. Coloring Expert Coloring Book

The Coloring Expert Coloring Book takes a slightly different approach from the previous two applications on our list. Colorfy and Adult Coloring Book Premium more closely follow the aesthetic approach of the adult coloring book trend, this application exchanges mandalas and patterns for a greater variety of more realistic images, including famous scientists and musicians, exotic animals, faraway cities and even adventure sports. On one hand, this makes it great for parents and their kids as it provides them with a fantastic opportunity on how to introduce the subject presented in the picture. On the other hand, it also helps to break the monotony of coloring the same kind of picture over and over again.

The biggest issue with this application – and probably the reason why it’s not more popular – is its clunky user-interface. There’s a row of large boxy icons on the top, and they all look like they were designed by someone who’s not that skilled with Photoshop and graphical design in general. This may seem like a trivial complaint, but you would be surprised how important it is to have an inspiring graphical user interface when you want to unleash your creativity.

The app itself offers over 670 pages of content and has all the tools you might need to color them. Intuitive gestures are used for navigation and a color pallet with a dedicated color dropper allows you to easily choose the right color. Overall, Coloring Expert Coloring Book probably won’t become your main coloring application, but we have no doubts that it will find its place on your home screen.

Download it now: here

best coloring app android

4. Family Coloring Book

What makes digital coloring book for adults different from their paper counterparts? Mainly the coloring experience itself. It’s really hard to compare the paint bucket approach of most applications with the soothing feeling of a pencil rubbing against the paper. The developers over at Colorfit are well aware of this issue, and the Family Coloring book is their solution.

Unlike most coloring books on Android, the Family Coloring Book mixes in brushes with the standard paint bucket approach to make for a more pleasant coloring experience. Using the variety of coloring tools at your disposal, you can gradually fill in the artboard with vivid colors, stunning gradients, and subtle accents.

When you make a mistake or you decide that the particular part of the art would look better in a different color, just select the eraser and start again. If you want to duplicate a certain part for the sake of symmetry, you just have to press the color you want on the artboard and the app will automatically pick it up.

Everything is neatly sorted into deferent categories, and some pieces are truly mesmerizing in their scale and complexity. Just take a look at the app’s Instagram page and see for yourself.

Download it now: here

best coloring app android

5. Coloring

The last application of coloring book for adults on our list doesn’t overwhelm with tons of features that you might never use, nor does it include thousands and thousands of pictures. The basic version comes with just a little over 50 pieces to color and an intuitive control scheme. This makes Coloring great for beginners or anyone who prefers to take things slowly.

Just like the Family Coloring Book, Coloring also supports a brush mode for freehand drawing. But it also is friendly toward people who write with their left hand. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to color on your smartphone or tablet – the app is optimized for both.

You can use the free version of unlimited time and purchase the extra image packs only when you run out of things to color. The total number of images is 170, which should be plenty until you feel confident enough to dive into the vast sea of patterns and mandalas that can be found in other coloring adult books for Android.

Download it now: here

Conclusion on the Best Free Coloring Book for Adults Android App

Adult coloring books are a great way how to discover your creative potential or just kill some time. Even though the apps described in this article are the most popular you can find on Android, there are many others to choose from. We encourage you to search the Google Play store on your own – maybe you’ll stumble upon some hidden treasures.

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  1. You should try the new one #HoliColoring. This app is not yet another coloring book, you can color images and listen calm music, and the app promotes young artist giving them special place to post individual coloring pages.

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