7 Best Audio Volume Booster Apps For Android in 2024

Audio and media is an integral part of any Android smartphone. There are plenty of devices today that offer the best in terms of sound quality. But with that being said, there are a few smartphones in the market that don’t offer a loud enough speaker for music or even with headphones. While this may not be the case with every smartphone, it doesn’t hurt to venture out into the Play Store to get an application that will significantly boost the audio quality of your smartphone. We’re going to talk about five of the best volume booster app for android for android that will help you get the best in terms of audio quality and performance. So without waiting any further, let’s have a look at these applications.

Best Audio Volume Booster Apps For Android

best volume booster app for android

1) Easy Volume Booster

This app allows you to boost the media and system volume significantly, allowing you to clearly hear when someone’s calling you or when you get a notification. What sets it apart from other apps is the fact that it uses a custom algorithm to pair with the Android system equalizer to enhance the sound significantly.

There’s a common perception that boosting the volume on your smartphone can damage the device, and the developers assure its customers that this app won’t do that since it uses the system volume and its own algorithm to boost the device and media volume.

Naturally, the best volume booster app for android works on both speaker and when you have headphones plugged in. Further, you can also boost the alarm volume of your smartphone to make sure you wake up on time for that important meeting. The UI is pretty simple to understand and there are three icons for music, ringing volume, and alarms, allowing to make the changes as you please. The app is free to download, although there are ads on board. There are no in-app purchases present here.

Download it now: here

best volume booster app for android

2) Volume Up

This app functions pretty much the same way as the app we talked about above and offers users a different volume slider for a boost. This will let you ascertain how much of the volume is boosted and what the default volume setting is. As a safety measure (especially with headphones on), users are recommended to boost the volume of their device slowly and gradually to avoid any ear trouble down the line.

While most volume booster apps work in the same way fundamentally, the user interface and the way they present their offering is what makes it stand out from the rest. With regards to Volume Up, it’s a simple, yet effective app allowing you to conveniently increase media volume on your device.

There’s a persistent Volume Up bar on the notifications pane which tells you about the booster status. It is compatible with any device that’s running Android 4.1 and higher, covering a large number of smartphones and tablets out there.

Volume Up is a free to download the app with ads on board. However, there are no in-app purchases to make the ads go away or unlock new features within the app.

Download it now: here

best volume booster app for android

3) Speaker Boost

Speaker Boost is up next. While it won’t boost your audio levels — since audio levels are highly dependent on the speaker hardware — you should be able to adjust things like bass and treble to make music and podcasts sound better. It should work pretty well for games, too.

You’re probably going to get the best experience with headphones or an external speaker, since external hardware is generally able to handle sound adjustments better. Speaker Boost is essentially an audio mixer, so you should be able to adjust levels to your preferences.

Download it now: here

best volume booster app for android

4) Extra Volume Booster

Tired of low and quiet audio? That’s a problem with many smartphones on the market, but Extra Volume Booster promises to solve it. We think the differences here are pretty subtle, but with it being an audio mixer, you can adjust different facets of the sound to make it sound at least clearer.

It’s probably not going to work super great with your smartphone, but will give you the best experience with, say, a pair of headphones or an external speaker — either way, the app is pretty straightforward and easy-to-use — even the layman should be able to understand pretty well.

Download it now: here

best volume booster app for android

5) Volume Booster

This app offers a lot more control to the users compared to conventional volume booster apps. The user interface mimics a standard turntable with knobs on them that you can rotate as per your liking. It also acts as a custom equalizer, letting you increase the bass and other attributes of your media. Naturally, volume boosting is the primary feature here which can be achieved with minimal effort.

What I personally like about this app is that it also acts as a standalone music player, with all the equalizer options present within the app. This makes it more approachable to the users and also acts as a viable replacement to the bevy of music player apps available in the marketplace.

The developer claims that the volume of your media can be increased by 30 – 40% using this app, which should be enough in most cases. If you’re looking to boost the audio of your smartphone and also want a decent music player at your disposal, this is the app to get.

Volume Booster is a free app and comes with ads. There are no in-app purchases here. The app is compatible with devices running Android 3.2 and above.

Download it now: here

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6) Volume Booster Pro

Don’t be confused with the name as the best volume booster app for android has no affiliation to the aforementioned Volume Booster app. Given the USP of these apps, it’s no surprise that there are similarly named apps across the Play Store. This app allows you to increase or boost all system volumes, including alarms, ringtones, and even media. While there are some apps that offer this feature, not all volume booster apps offer this feature, making this app stand out amongst the crowd.

There are plenty of toggles on the app, allowing you to conveniently switch the volume. You can also silence the volume of your system entirely, which can be handy if you’re heading over to a meeting or in areas where phones are restricted. The app is free to download and comes with ads on board. There are no in-app purchases, though.

Download it now: here

best volume booster app for android

7) Volume Booster by Vintage Audio Tools

Yet another namesake of an app that we talked about above, this app is more simple compared to other offerings out there. However, that’s not to say that it’s lacking in any way. It comes with easy to navigate controls, with a slider to boost the volume as you please. Unfortunately, this app lacks the ability to boost system and alarm volumes, so you are only limited to using this for music and other media.

For convenience, the developer has added three preset buttons – normal, loud and off, which is recommended if you don’t want to manually toggle the slider. A notification box will be present at all times, giving you quick access to the booster features. The app is free to download and comes with ads. Thankfully, there are no in-app purchases here. Be sure to check it out.

Download it now: here

Verdict on the best volume booster app for android

Most of these volume booster applications are worth giving at least a shot. The majority of these are able to artificially boost your audio, which doesn’t always make the audio sound super great. Still, these apps at least let you play around with it, but if you really want to boost your audio, you’ll definitively want to look at physical hardware — like studio speakers.

Do you have a favorite volume booster app? Let us know in the comments section below.

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