5 Best Reading Apps For Kids On Android

Reading is one of the most important life skills a child can have.  Literacy affects job opportunities, study skills, and general ability to grow and advance in your life and career.  Experts can actually predict the lifetime success of a child by the number of words that they know and can use. So we all want our kids to read.  The added benefit of learning to enjoy reading will only benefit them further. So let’s look at five of the best reading apps for kids.

Epic! Unlimited Books For Kids

 What better way to get kids hooked on reading than providing books that revolve around topics the kids care about.  With over 25,000 titles available and a search engine with profiles for up to 4 kids per family, each of your children can have their library of choice at their fingertips. They have chapter books, picture books, as well as audio or read along audio books with professional voice actors reading.  Popular and well known series are available from publishers like HarperCollins and National Geographic. It is easy to find the books that will draw your child into reading. This app is free but the books will require a subscription fee.

Download it now: Google Play

Endless Reader

 This adorable app helps your new reader or struggling learner learn to read “sight words”, those short words that are all over in everyday reading.  The words are cleverly animated to help the child remember and they help to keep that easily distracted child engaged. The cute singsong method of sounding out the word and drawing attention to each letter is memorable. Because of the activity of the words, parents with an adhd child have found this app to be particularly engaging to their child.  This app does require a good internet connection and enough memory to run. Also the app is free, but adding words to learn will cost money.

Download it now: Google Play

Starfall Learn To Read

  This free app is sponsored by an educational nonprofit.  It specializes in phonetic reading and spelling opportunities.  They learn through activities, movies and songs. Zac the Rat helps the child to see the relationship between spoken and written language.  The lessons are focused around the vowels and help those basic building blocks to be cemented in your child’s mind. The animations of the words are more stationary than those in Endless Reader, but it has the added benefit of working on sound groups one at a time.  For instance, it may start with the word Cap, then you can simply change the first letter to work on similar rhyming words like map, nap, lap, etc. Or change the ending letter for cat, can, car. This allows a child to work on repeating sounds while still experimenting with what different letters do.

Download it now: Google Play

Kids Audio Story Books — Best Fairy Tales

This free app is filled with classic stories.  The narration is well paced and clear for an easy ability to follow along.  Parents love stories that are not only timeless favorites, but impart important morals.  Fables, fairy tales and classics are all found in this library. Sories that will not only be remembered by parents, but grandparents and great grandparents as well giving a opportunity for not only fun stories, but family memories to be made.   More books are regularly added. There are also comprehension quizzes available after each story for the parents to see how well their child listened and understood. It is a fantastic app to encourage your child in a classical education.

Download it now: Google Play


  This app has educational help for 2 to 8 year olds.  It includes games, puzzles, animations, art activities, stories and offline printables.  Not only does it help with reading, but math, science and art as well. Things like tours through the zoo or the farm allow kids to explore words and ecosystems.  A Piano keyboard allows them access to music experimentation. Lots of other toddler friendly activities as well. This is really a great app for those prereader children.  This is a pay for app, but check with your local library. Many have bought rights to this app and provide tablets with it downloaded in library to use for free.

Download it now: Google Play


No matter what the reason you are looking to help your child grow in their reading ability, there is a great app available to assist you in getting their attention and helping reinforce that reading can be fun as well as setting them up for a lifetime of learning and success.

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