How To Turn Android Phone Into A Wi-Fi Repeater Plus Best Android WiFi Repeater App

A typical network router cannot cover all the corners of your home. There will always be a spot wherein the signal strength isn’t great, which oftentimes translate to poor connection speed.

One of the cheapest solutions to this problem is to use a Wi-Fi repeater, which you can usually buy from Amazon for a few bucks. What it does basically is connect to your Wi-Fi network and then share the connection with other devices as it turns itself into a mini WiFi hotspots.

Needless to say, you will connect to said network and you can then enjoy a better connection even when you’re in an area where you usually don’t get good service.

However, if you don’t want to spend a few extra bucks to buy a repeater, then you can simply use your smartphone as the repeater itself.

Turn Android device into a Wi-Fi repeater

New Android smartphones are now capable of sharing it’s Wi-Fi connection with other devices, regardless of the WiFi networks it’s connected with.

If this is the method you prefer, then you don’t need to spend anything to extend the range of your wireless networks.

Estimate Cost : 0

Time Needed : 4 minutes

But take note that once you turn your phone into a WiFi router, it will use more battery as it's connected to your network while other devices connect to it to share its Internet connection. So once you're ready, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Settings app of your phone.

    It's the app that looks like gear or a cogwheel.
    best android wifi repeater 1

  2. Tap Connections.

    It's usually the first option in the main Settings screen.
    best android wifi repeater 2

  3. Find and tap Mobile Hotspot and Tethering.

    As you already know, you will be setting up your phone as a mobile hotspot.
    best android wifi repeater 3

  4. Tap Mobile hotspot.

    This will allow you to change some settings.
    best android wifi repeater 4

  5. Tap Configure.

    Then change the Network name, password and the band if you need to.
    best android wifi repeater 5

  6. Tap Save.

    After making some changes, tap Save.
    best android wifi repeater 6

  7. Enable Mobile hotspot.

    You simply have to tap the switch at the top-right corner.
    best android wifi repeater 7

  • Mobile hotspot
  • Android smartphone

Your phone will now start broadcasting a signal and your other devices can connect to it. You will be able to see which device connects to your phone.

Use an Android WiFi repeater app

If you are using a new Android smartphone that is capable of sharing its Wi-Fi connection, then this procedure isn’t for you as we will always recommend using the built-in connection sharing app.

However, if you are using a smartphone that is only capable of sharing its mobile data connection, then you will find this procedure helpful for you.

There are a lot of repeaters and WiFi booster apps available on the Play Store. One of those apps is the NetShare+, which you can download and use for free.

All you gotta do is download the app from the Play Store to make sure you’re using the secure one.

Once installed, you can then start Wi-Fi tethering from your phone so your other devices can connect to your phone.

It is also one of the ways to extend your WiFi signal so you don’t have to suffer from slow Internet speed.

If you want to boost your wireless network, we suggest you use a WiFi booster app or a WiFi analyzer to view the stats of your network, especially if your have a weak WiFi signal.

Apps nowadays are more efficient that the ones a few years ago. Since there are a lot of WiFi signal booster app, you can try the ones with high ratings first.

We hope that this guide can be helpful. Enjoy!

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