ASUS ROG Phone 2 will be packing heat with the Snapdragon 855 Plus

We know that ASUS will soon be launching a successor to the ROG Phone. Called the ROG Phone 2, this device is supposed to take mobile gaming to a whole new level. A new report is saying that it will actually sport the Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, which is supposed to be a slightly more powerful Snapdragon 855.

This Snapdragon 855 Plus is a slight bump in processing speeds. There’s around a 15% difference, with the original Snapdragon 855 clocking in at 2.84GHz.

This Snapdragon 855 Plus should clock in at 2.96GHz, alongside an overclocked GPU, according to this report form PhoneArena. And as has been rumored in the past, the ASUS ROG Phone 2 should also sport a 120Hz display.

We’re not sure what we’re looking at as far as a launch date just yet, but it will likely be in Fall now that we’re this late into the summer already.

source: PhoneArena

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