7 Best Android Microphone In 2020

Have you ever tried to record a podcast or conduct an interview with your Android phone? If you have, you know that Android itself can make the audio sound canny and even pick up a lot of ambiances.

You’ll get a lot more than just what you want your Android device to pick up, which is unfortunate when you’re trying to make something professional. The good news is that you not only get rid of a lot of that ambiance with an external Android microphone, but you can increase the quality and loudness of your conversations, too.

Android Microphone

“How does an Android microphone work?” you may ask. That’s easy — often, they plug into your auxiliary port and work automatically with a recording app of your choosing, even the stock one that comes with Android. Other microphones plug into your micro USB or USB C port and record that way. Either way, it’s a super simple setup.

So, if you want to increase the quality of your audio and get rid of some of that ambiance, be sure to follow along below. Here are our top picks for the best Android microphones.

Lavalier Lapel Microphone

First up on our list is the Lavalier Lapel Microphone. This is a microphone with built-in noise-canceling technology. To help with that even further, it has its pop filter. It works very efficiently, connecting up to your smartphone or tablet through the auxiliary port.

Plug it in, launch your recording app, and you’re ready to start recording high-quality audio. It has a handy clip for clipping onto your shirt — it makes it slightly more portable as well as giving you the convenience of not having to hold it in your hand.

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Shure MV88+

The Shure MV88+ is the corvette of USB microphones. Hook it up to your Android device, and it will start working almost immediately. It’s compatible with most Android apps for recording purposes, but works with all of the Shure Motive audio and video apps, too.

This one comes with all of the accessories that you need to get started with your Android device — there’s a USB-C cable to get you started, as well as a phone clamp, shoe-mount mic clip, and neoprene roll-up bag to keep all your accessories in one place. If you want to use it with an iPhone, there’s even an included Lightning cable.

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Gepege Lavalier Lapel

Next up, we have the Gepege Lavalier Lapel microphone. This one comes with the USB Type-C connector, so you’ll need a modern phone to get this one to work; however, plug it into your Android device’s USB-C port, and it works almost immediately.

And of course, you get excellent sound performance here as well. The omnidirectional microphone has high-sensitivity, as well as an advanced noise cancellation technology for clear and crisp sound quality.

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Rode VideoMic

The Rode VideoMic is a directional microphone that plugs into your phone or tablet by way of the auxiliary port. This microphone is perfect for podcasters and interviewers, but also for folks that are into vlogging, as it’s quite slim and low profile to not get in the way of filming.

This microphone has built-in noise-canceling technology, as well as a furry windshield to, well, keep the wind from showing up in your content. This is a plug and play style microphone, so plug it into the AUX port, and it just works.

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Miracle Sound Lavalier Microphone

If you need a microphone on the cheaper, look no further than the Miracle Sound Lavalier Microphone. This is a $10 microphone, but it’ll up your audio game as you’ve never seen on Android before.

It’s omnidirectional, so it’s susceptible and able to pick up sounds in your environment easily. This microphone has a money-back guarantee as well — if you don’t like the microphone, Miracle Sound doesn’t have a problem with you sending it back and getting a refund — it’s almost a try before you buy format.

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Xiaokoa Condenser Microphone For Podcasters

If you’d rather have a full-size microphone, the Xiaokoa Condenser Microphone is the perfect setup for podcasters. Plug it in through the auxiliary port, and you can start recording better quality than your smartphone or tablet would ever be able to pick up. It comes with a foldable tripod for your microphone, which makes it easier to take with you on the go. It has a dual-layer filter, which helps keep out wind and prevent popping — it increases vocal quality across the board. This can pick up 100% of your voice without any distortion.

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Elegiant Portable Condenser Microphone With Stand

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Elegiant Portable Condenser Microphone. This microphone is exceptionally portable, mainly because of its foldable stand. Need to pick up and go? Fold up the microphone and throw it in the backpack. Ready to start recording? Pull it out of the backpack, unfold it, plug it into your phone, and you’re ready to start recording. It has built-in noise-canceling technology to keep ambiance out and even comes with a filter to reduce popping and wind noise in your recordings. This microphone works without any drivers or extra software — pick your recording app, and you’re ready to start recording.

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If you’re looking to increase your audio quality in recordings, whether you’re podcasting or interviewing, any of these microphones are tenfold better than the stock, built-in microphone that comes in your Android phone or tablet. As a bonus, these microphones will work with almost any device that can record audio and have a 3.5mm AUX port.

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