5 Best Cleaner Apps For Android

While Android has its benefits over other mobile platforms, there are some obvious limitations too. Devices tend to get slower overtime. In as soon as one year, the phone starts to lag and apps open slower than usual. This, despite Google’s many efforts, still remains one of the primary concerns for Android users. However, these issues can be quickly resolved with a third party Best Cleaner Apps For Android on the Play Store.

Known as device cleaner apps, these tend to close all the background tasks, delete cache files and other unnecessary clutter from your smartphone or tablet. If you have a device that is struggling to keep up with your speed, we think the Best Cleaner Apps For Android will come in handy. We’re going to talk about a few of the best phone cleaning apps available on Android. You might be aware of some of these names, but we’ve made sure to include some little known names on the list.

Best Cleaner Apps For Android

best phone cleaning app

1) GO Speed

Rated as the number 1 optimization app in the world, GO Speed (by the makers of GO Keyboard) is an immensely popular device cleanup app with over 10 million installs so far. It comes with a wide set of features, some of which can be found on the aforementioned cleanup app. Its boosting technology is apparently 50% better than what several competitors offer, which is pretty great considering the number of booster apps available on the Play Store.

In addition to boosting your smartphone or tablet, the app also brings an app lock by default, allowing you to protect your apps from prying eyes with a pattern or PIN lock. The app can quickly look for apps that are unused for a long time, and will recommend you to delete them to save storage on your smartphone. The company’s algorithms can reportedly boost up your phone by 60%. This is a free app, but there are ads on board. You will need an Android device running version 4.1 or higher to use this app.

Download it now: here

best phone cleaning app

2) Clean Master

Yet another popular developer, Cheetah Mobile, has its own cleanup app for Android, known simply as Clean Master. In addition to cleaning up your device, it also comes with some added features like a Private Photos folder to protect your gallery. The photos here are encrypted and pretty safe from prying eyes. A WiFi security feature detects unsafe WiFi networks and prompts you immediately to keep your device from being hacked by third parties.

In addition to all these features, the app can also help you boost your battery life by closing background applications that are eating into your RAM. Moreover, the Game Master feature allows you to improve load times of GPU heavy games and enhance experience overall. If you’re running low on space and want to clear some apps, Clean Master allows to create a backup and uninstall them accordingly. For all the features that it packs, Clean Master is certainly one of the best device cleaner apps out there.

Much like the apps that we discussed above, this one too is a free offering and comes with ads. There are no in-app purchases, though.

Download it now: here

best phone cleaning app

3) AIO Toolbox: Cleaner & Speed Booster

This is a simplistic offering with all the details well laid out within the user interface. This all-in-one solution offers the ability to boost your device speed and also improve battery life in the process. It can cleverly analyze mobile ads by scouring through the app’s APK file, helping you get rid of ads in the process. There’s also an app lock feature available by default here, which allows you to protect your sensitive applications from prying eyes.

The best phone cleaning app also has its own barcode scanner as well as flashlight, offering the full features of a proper toolbox. There are other features like memory booster, CPU cooler, and so on, so you get the full list of features that you expect from a phone cleaner app. This is a free download on the Google Play Store but comes with ads and in-app purchases.

Download it now: here

best phone cleaning app

4) Ace Cleaner

As the name suggests, this app aims to be the number one at device cleanup, and it pretty much lives up to its name. It can clean your device of unnecessary junk and clutter accrued over a period of time, including cache files. The one tap button to boost device performance is present here as well. In addition to this, you will also find an app lock, a bulk app backup and uninstall feature as well as a do not disturb mode to cut down the amount of notifications you get.

When it comes down to cleaning  the Best Cleaner Apps For Android smartphone, not every app is going to be successful, you will need to get the best phone cleaning app. However, given the amount of choices out there, it makes sense to try them all out to find your best fit. Ace Cleaner is a free download with ads on board.

Download it now: here

5) DU Speed Booster

One of the most popular device booster apps out there, DU Speed Booster comes with a comprehensive set of features to get rid of active tasks and free up memory from RAM. The developer claims that the app is trusted by 230 million users, so you’re in very safe hands with this particular offering. The app can also protect your device from malware infection. Malware usually makes its way to your device when you install apps from unknown sources, so avoiding that should keep your devices safe in most cases.

The app can also cleverly boost your network performance by checking all parameters pertaining to your device network as well as WiFi signals. The app can also measure CPU temperature and recommend actions to cool down your smartphone or tablet. The app can further scour through your phone and remove unwanted APK files that might be clogging up your storage. This is a complete solution for all your devices related complaints. DU Speed Booster is a free download on the Play Store and comes with ads. There are no in-app purchases, however.

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