How to Register or Add New Fingerprint on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

This post will help you register or add new fingerprint on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 device. Read on for more detailed instructions.

Modern devices are already programmed with more advanced security as manifested by biometric authentication.

Biometric authentication refers to a security process that utilizes the unique biological characteristics of an individual to verify and confirm identity. Such new technological solutions are already becoming a common demand as cyber fraud and identity theft proliferate.

The following steps demonstrate the standard process of activating a widely-used biometric authentication feature on the Galaxy Tab S6 and that is the fingerprint unlock.

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Easy Steps to Register or Add New Fingerprint on your Galaxy Tab S6

Time Needed : 10 minutes

Performing the subsequent procedures will result in the registration of a new fingerprint on the Galaxy Tab S6 device. Actual screens and menu items may vary between service providers, software version and device model.

  1. To get started, go to the Home screen and then swipe up from the bottom.

    Performing this gesture will open the Apps viewer on your device.The Apps viewer is where you can access shortcuts icons to various types of apps and services installed.add new fingerprint galaxy tab s6 - home

  2. To continue, tap the Settings icon.

    Doing so will trigger the device to launch its main settings menu which highlights all basic and advanced features available.add new fingerprint galaxy tab s6 - settings

  3. Scroll down to the middle section then tap Biometrics and security.

    A new screen opens with a list of advanced security features including face recognition, fingerprints and other relevant services.add new fingerprint galaxy tab s6 - biometrics and security

  4. To proceed with new fingerprint registration and setup, tap Fingerprints then, enter your current pattern if prompted.

    The Fingerprints menu will launch.On the same menu, you can see the list of all registered fingerprints.add new fingerprint galaxy tab s6 - fingerprints

  5. Select the option to Add fingerprint. 

    This option is usually found after the last registered fingerprint.A new screen will launch with a pop up note about screen covers and protectors.add new fingerprint galaxy tab s6 - add

  6. Read and review the pop up message then tap OK to proceed.

    The next window will launch with a dedicated segment for you to place the finger you’d like to register.This is where you should place the new finger that you want to add.add new fingerprint galaxy tab s6 - OK

  7. On-screen instructions are likewise displayed. These should serve as your guide as to how you should position your finger in order to register it successfully.Just follow the rest of the on-screen messages until the new fingerprint registration is completed.

    The entire process could take several minutes depending on how you position your finger on the sensor.add new fingerprint galaxy tab s6 - scan

  • Android 10
  • Galaxy Tab S6

You may have to consider lifting off and repositioning your finger repeatedly.

A hundred per cent scan progress will serve as an indication that the fingerprint scanning is completed.

Once you see that number, you can remove your finger from the sensor area.

If an error occurs, read and review the error message then follow the recommended solutions.

Once you’ve successfully registered the new fingerprint, you can already set it as the new screen unlock method on  your device.

Should you wish to add another fingerprint, just repeat the same steps until you get to the Add fingerprint menu.

Then, follow the rest of the on-screen commands to complete the fingerprint registration.

To test if you can unlock your tablet with the recently added fingerprint, simply place your finger on the in-screen sensor located at the bottom section of the main screen.

Hope this helps!

To view more comprehensive tutorials and troubleshooting videos on different mobile devices, feel free to visit The Droid Guy channel on YouTube anytime.

Hope this helps!


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